Posted by: Zane Maser | June 14, 2013


It’s a big relief to be self-aware. I’m just a catty sort of gal!

I come by it naturally with the South Node of the Moon (best described as our natural, inborn gifts) and powerful Pluto both in the lioness sign of the big cat—Leo. Cumulative experiences of privilege and high social standing, I have known. A regal cat at heart, I am.


I could be the model in Roy Orbison’s lyrics of “Oh Pretty Woman,” those indelible words and tune that live in our memory cells and are easily sing-able this instant. Only I’d be the poem, “Oh Catty Woman.”

Catty woman, padding down the street
Catty woman, the kind I like to meet
Catty woman
Your beauty I see, but it can’t be true
No one could look as sleek as you

Catty woman, won’t you pardon me
Catty woman, I couldn’t help but see
Catty woman
You look furry as can be
Are you lonely just like me

Catty woman, pause a while
Catty woman, purr and smile
Catty woman
Won’t you growl for me
Catty woman, yeah yeah yeah….


I saw several pictures from the Siberian Tiger Project yesterday. As the largest big cat in the world (sometimes reaching nearly 10 feet long, from nose to tail), one photo in particular caught my eye—a magnificent male, whose name is “Zoluschka.”1 He is snarling ferociously at the cameraperson to state his royal boundaries in his frozen landscape of Far East Russia. He is the embodiment of tiger personhood! Gazing at his matchless beauty, I feel an instant fusion of LOVE for the Cat Realm—the part of the wild kingdom that calls my name. I am graced to know who I am. “Cat” is my sacred innards. Shamanic tradition terms this one’s “power” animal.

Supremely self-contained, and at the top of the hierarchy, cats teach us many valuable lessons from on High:

• Self-possession is power.
• Relaxation and stretching are vital.
• Abundant sleep is primary.
• Eat the choice, best foods.
• Surveying the lay of the land gives a strategic use of energy and
   an ability to distinguish the important from the superfluous
• Ruffling fur over non-essentials is undignified.
• Be fierce when necessary. Otherwise, serenity equates to
• Radiating inner beauty, smile often and show those gorgeous
• Pick the partner that brings a lifetime of joy. Then, the cubs will
    be irresistible, carrying on the mighty Kingly Line.
• Self-love is the basis of a life continually touched by gold.
• When it’s time to relinquish the Kingdom, the Higher Kingdom
   comes into view. The final tribute heard is, “well done, true
   and blessed feline god.”


Life can be as easily enjoyed as it is by these cat exemplars who reveal the Path to the solitary Heights. In the white-clad mountains of silence, there is only the presence of falling snow. There is the majesty of Being and trueness to the Higher Self, which, for me, includes the brave heart of a Catty Woman.


In your own self-knowledge, what animal “energy” is encoded in the very essence of your DNA? Take the time to welcome and embrace it often. Make it a living legacy of who you are when you look in the mirror. Some of you may also see whiskers and that happy, upturned, smiley mouth that cats seem to have. Fortunate for us! For whatever special animal energy accompanies your sacred journey, you are as fortunate.

P.S. The whimsy of this catty post is dedicated to my spiritual sister on her birthday. She is yet another whose heart beats to the Catty Kingdom, at least in part. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr….

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Text © by Zane Maser, 2013. Photos of the Big Cats from Wikimedia Commons. All rights reserved worldwide.

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