Posted by: Zane Maser | July 8, 2013


If things do not happen as you want them to happen,
know that a better way is being found.
Trust, and [remember] that the true way is the way of love.
Flowers [and bumblebees] do not force their way with great strife.
Flowers open to perfection slowly in the Sun.
White Eagle, The Quiet Mind

In the freshness of early morning’s light, you can witness an amazing wonder of nature: the bumblebee hotels. The bees spend the night, under the stars and moonlit sky, nestled collectively within the leaves and blossoms of various flowers and shrubs.


In the bumblebee hotel, each life exists in its marvelous relationship to every other life. There is no such reality as a bee being alone or separate. Life pulsates in oneness.

They rest and commune quietly within the Divine Stream of Life. The caring presence of the Angels of Nature watches over every individual. Thus, there is never a worry. Never a hurry. No rushing about to force a premature result. No grinding of nerves. No flapping of wings. Not a single angst. Or insecurity to blight the pure joy. No lack of anything.

There is simply the serene stillness of the beauty of a new day. Life brings its strength and guidance to them as the stimulus to sample a flower’s nurturance. And then the next one in continual provision…

The bumblebees offer sound counsel during these strenuous, tumultuous times of the life-changing interaction of Uranus with Pluto (squaring one another at an 90° angle) when everything wild, weird, unexpected, and traumatic is possible! I find myself asking, “what next?!!”

As one wave of surprise happenings (Uranus) rolls in to knock the wind out of something we thought of as a certainty, another major wave crashes in and demolishes something else to make room for the next chapter (Pluto). Some deep-reaching changes (Pluto) may be required to live a more authentic life (Uranus). Invisible forces (Pluto) are rapidly revolutionizing (Uranus) the life around us.

We all chose to experience these moments in the panorama of time when a New Era of Light is being birthed. How we choose to encounter this multiplicity of tests is the measure of our internal being—our level of consciousness—externalized. In this sense, choice flows out from our being as the seed of destiny that sooner or later creates harmony and balance—or its absence.

If we can remember the philosophy of the bumblebees (and all of nature, for that matter) to simply BE—to “bee” content and fulfilled in the present moment, then all will be well, and all IS well, knowing the Spiritual Presence has Its guiding Hand on the Cosmic Clock and ALL life. The unfoldment is perfectly timed!


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  1. Zane has a perfect article for these times! How beautiful is the little bee reminding us that all nature is held in the hand of God and loved deeply. Then Zane reminds us that: What do you know! We are nature too and held in that very same hand! Thanks!! Much love Linda

    • Thanks, Linda, great to have your light-filled energy on SunnyCat. So glad we are incarnated together at this pivotal time on our globe and for being an inspiration to me! You are a candle with such a beautiful light. Much love back and BIG hug, Zane

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