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I am the lamp through which the Heavenly Light shines.


In the beginning, on the fourth day of creation, God said, “let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven,” thus Divinity created the Sun, Moon, and the Stars … the stars “to give light upon the earth.” God’s imagination took form. In this grand scheme, the planets—each embodying an archetypal principle—assist us, personally and collectively, on our long and winding Path toward reunion with the One. God’s likeness takes form.1

While earth may bring down the planetary rays that transmit the light of the zodiac, the ten planets, which include our Sun and Moon, are, in turn, gateways to Heaven. Each with its own spiritual counterpart, known as great Beings (Logoi), the planets of our solar system function as temporary intermediaries during our re-awakening process and are thus direct links of intimacy with God, much like Jacob’s ladder, which connected the sacred realm with that of earth.


The ancients looked to the patterns and movements of the sky for meaning and signs. Next to the sky itself as the chief symbol in astrology, the circle is as fundamental—symbolizing the many cycles of constant beginnings and endings. Above all, the circle signifies the ever-present watchfulness of the Circle of Cosmic Love, wherein we dwell. With the backdrop of the stars as the context, our heliocentric planets move along a never-changing pathway, termed the ecliptic, which is divided into twelve equal segments that comprise the primeval zodiac.

All life on earth is directly and ceaselessly being bathed in these planetary energies, as Spirit showers us with grace, activating the sparks of light secreted within every cell of our physical body. That’s why the planets are both intimate and impartial.

Each new incarnation is an exciting, expansive opportunity not only for us but also for the planets to express their multivalent meaning through us and within the context of the significant events of humanity. Our first breath of life is the precise timing that creates our unique energetic signature. Hence, this soul-chosen, coded imprint becomes our natal chart, customized exactly for us. It unerringly describes what we intend for the present lifetime. It also shows how we can best stay planted with feet on earth, as well as rooted in the vastness of Being (the eternal Sun)—most simply put “as above, so below.”


Our planetary partners, call them portals of Light and activators of timing, guide us along the way, giving us vital clues about the lessons we are learning and how we are expending our precious life’s energy. The planets do this by the angular relationships they make to one another (termed “aspects”) and to the major angles of the chart (the
, 4th, 7th, and 10th house cusps) both at birth and over the course of our life. Moreover, the planetary logoi always function as trustworthy signposts and supportive encouragers.


The planets themselves, each with its particular purpose and rhythm, are awakeners of consciousness. They are mirror reflections of our internal and outer universes. The “golden” qualities or virtues of the planetary archetypes bring the ideal into manifested form, while the “shadow” qualities make themselves felt whenever we repress the natural energies of a planet. For example, Jupiter expands, while Saturn disciplines; Mars often acts singularly, yet his complement, Venus, seeks to interact. We gravitate toward what we think about, so by consciously embracing the utmost potential of each planet—its grace—we allow that ideal energy to permeate our whole being.

Let’s consider a few words that describe the higher expressions of each planet—an overall pathway by which some day we may achieve complete mastery over the outer self and thus physical matter. At that point, each person is like a beautiful lamp radiating Heavenly Light, with all the planetary rays balanced and harmonized perfectly:

The Sun: the true identity, Spirit, heavenly consciousness, essential life path and spiritual lesson, strength of character, independence, motivation, glowing vitality, light-filled, majestic, powerful, confidence, self-reliance, integrity, generosity, warmth, clarity of vision, loyalty, heart-centered, creative joy, fortune and fulfillment, Self-realization.

The Moon: the soul nature, feeling realm, the unconscious, feminine energy, Divine Mother, fertility, created form, family-centered, emotional safety, closeness, belonging, rhythms, responsiveness, instinctual patterns and habits, protective, nurturing, tender, sympathetic, receptive, reflective, intuitive, flowing and adaptable, serene.

Mercury: the conscious mind and its awakening, divine wisdom, power of thought, mindfulness, perceptiveness, the true voice, mediating, integrative, eloquent exchange of knowledge and mastery of communication, discrimination, dexterity, craftsmanship, ease of movement, fluidity of experience, quickness, youthfulness, versatility, mental flexibility.

Venus: the giving and receiving of love through meaningful relating, unity, blending, sharing, cooperation, warmth of feeling, ability to attract, bringing forth, true values, wholesomeness, stability, harmony and balance through complementary factors, refinement, beautifying the world, artistry, softness, ease of heart, graceful, grateful.

Mars: dynamic energy expressed through individual initiative and effort, strength of will and willingness to risk, single-minded, determination, stamina, boundless vitality, passionate enthusiasm, enterprising, self-assured, bold, brave, decisive, heroic, resourceful, purposeful and effective, achievement and progress by perseverance.

Jupiter: the higher mind and higher consciousness, inner integration through broadness of vision, generosity of spirit, charitable, optimistic, joyful, compassionate, wise, truth, aspiration, dedication, growth and expansion, freedom, spiritual quest, trust in life, reverence, fortune, blessings, natural gifts, nobility, poise, opportunity, triumph, affluence.

Saturn: the Great Teacher, cause and consequence, form and structural foundations, purposeful boundaries, timing, conscience, contemplative, clarity, commitment, discipline, steadfast, focus, concentration, effectiveness, excellence, practical, patience, maturity, self-respect, humility, true accomplishments, self-mastery, actualization of true calling, purifying, perfection.

Uranus: the Great Liberator, self-rule, independence and freedom of expression, agile, adventurous, discovery, flashes of genius, originality, creative inspiration, innovation, intuitive insight, spiritual vision, enlightenment, altruistic, futuristic, progressive changes and reforms for new and advanced patterns, humanitarian, goodwill, brotherhood.

Neptune: longing for connection, union, and merging; self-less, gentle, tranquil, introspective, idealistic, service, surrender, faith, refinement through dissolution, devotion, wonder, protection and guidance, empathy, receptivity, imaginative, artistic sensitivity, miraculous dreams, mystical experiences, visionary, enchantment, bliss, spiritual grace, transcendence, divine effect in the world, transfigure, Universal Love.

Pluto: the Transforming Light; long-term breakdown, elimination, and breakthrough; all forms of death, reshaping, and renewal; authentic new chapter, evolution, ultimate Truth, hidden psychic depths, mystery, powerful, insuperable will, intensive strength, endurance, solitude, cathartic, cleansing, healing, forgiveness, resolution, alchemical, wealth on all levels, the divine intent or transpersonal purpose in life, the Whole Self.

And so, at the end of the planetary pantheon, we return to the center of the golden Sun from which all life proceeds. God is pleased…


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1. This article appears in the summer issue of Drumbeat, the White Eagle Lodge journal for Canada. Their website address is:

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  1. Thank you Zane for your beautiful reminder that we are all part of a Dance of Light! Much love, LInda

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