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Last week, on the 20th of August, as the Aquarius Full Moon eased slowly through the small span of sky out our bedroom window, I experienced an exquisite lunar teaching. One moment the Moon was clearly visible, bright and radiating her slivery light. The next moment, the clouds enfolded her, slowly but irrevocably hiding her from view. Looking out the window at that exact second, I’d have never known she was there. For most of us, this is much like the veil that cloaks the reality of the spiritual realm from our normal perception.

But the clouds released the Moon in the next instant, having concealed her nurturing light as though it was non-existent—a stunning demonstration of trust and presence!

Then, falling into a gentle sleep, I had a dream that exactly reiterated the Moon’s lesson. Let me say first that our five cat kids no longer reside in their physical bodies but continue life on the inner level. In my dream, the kids were laying all around me. I could have reached out with great joy to stroke their fur, after which they faded before my eyes, only to reappear as crystal clear as before. I witnessed that even though they may appear to be gone, nothing is further from the truth! An unconditional faith in the unseen was the message of my dream—and of the Moon.

In spite of what our physical eyes may or may not see, “there is no end and no beginning, life is one circle; it just is,” as White Eagle assures us. The “All-consciousness” from which we exist knows when every leaf falls and the very number of hairs on our head. At all times, we are spiritually nourished, clothed, housed, and enfolded.

The Source of our life—the encircling and protective power
of Spirit—is ever-present, eternal,
and infinite, lighting our way continuously.

Additional synchronistic events about trust in the unseen occurred within a few days. A friend just happened to share the story with my husband and me about the passing of his grandfather. He told us that his grandmother was so overcome by tears and grief about the death of her beloved mate that she wondered how she could go on without him. In the depth of her pain, our friend’s grandfather appeared to his wife and said, “Nothing’s changed. I’m still here. You’re not alone.” Her spiritual eyes saw him. Her heart rejoiced that although his presence was absent on the outer level, on the true level they will never be separated. Joel Goldsmith put it beautifully, “All who can meet together on a spiritual level of love are bound together from now until eternity, sharing forever with each other.”

Though it may appear otherwise, our spiritual companions, guardian angel, and guide(s) always accompany us on the evolutionary Pathway during the many rounds of life here on Earth. We are always in the company of “our own tribe,” as symbolized by the Moon. The longing to belong is forever fulfilled, because there is an “etheric field of connectivity” that makes it impossible for any person or any thing in the Universe to be alone or abandoned.

Rounding out these couple of days, two movies augmented the same theme that life is multivalent and multilayered but simultaneously present. The latest rendition of Les Misérables has that poignant final scene when Jean Valjean crosses through the veil of death and walks into the inner world to find himself in the midst of the whole band of French freedom fighters continuing their cause of justice for all. He left one family to join another, for death is simply the gateway of reunion. Hereafter is yet another demonstration that the world is more than we know when we are able to discern the valuable from the valueless, the real from the unreal. And further, although it may appear otherwise, everything does happen at the right time in the right way according to the agreements of our soul and our evolving consciousness.

Thus, as right timing would dictate, I am penning Moon Trust on the day that would have been my mother’s 87th birthday—the personal lunar light in my life. My mom’s natal Moon was in Aries, an energy that is highly individualizing and forthright. Her spirit has been on its own bold, adventurous trek! In one vivid dream some months back, she told me emphatically in her typical impatient manner that her presence still intersects with mine, so any sadness and a sense of her absence are a waste of energy and time.

Live life fully now! It’s a matter of trust, after all!


The Moon and Venus playing hide and seek.

The silvery Moon (mother both personal and universal) is often described as a container, with its dual functions as receptacle and reflector. She is the archetypal Great Mother, the Soul of the World, who enfolds us in her Omnipresent Loving and Wise Arms. As the symbol for womanhood and feminine energy, she represents our emotional inheritance from the subconscious level to the personality of daily life with its intuitive, instinctual, rhythmic fluctuations. At her ideal, the mother figure nurtures, sustains, and replicates love, passing on the legacy of gentle care from the maternal lineage. Her child would blossom in such a protective, sensitive nest of belonging, family, tradition, and familiar circles, later to become the soulful person who is deeply in touch with the inner, imaginative life.

Here are a few words that describe the Moon’s domain: the soul nature, feeling realm, the unconscious, feminine energy, symbol of the Divine Mother, fertility, created form, family-centered, emotional safety, closeness, belonging, rhythms, responsiveness, instinctual patterns and habits, protective, nurturing, tender, sympathetic, receptive, reflective, intuitive, flowing and adaptable, serene.

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