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It is not in our stars, but in ourselves,
that we are underlings.
Shakespeare’s Cassius

A particularly poignant—and valid—question to ask our self is: Would I want to be on the receiving end of myself? At any given moment, are my words imbued with kindness? Do I act with patience and thoughtfulness towards another’s mental slowness, disability, or lack of understanding? Am I quick to offer a helping hand? Are my thoughts often colored by subtle judgments or minor criticisms that I brush off as insignificant because they are uttered only within my own mind?

Or, for the most part, is my general state of thought, word, and deed one of feeling profound peace, well-being, and oneness with the universal life energy, as it expresses through me? In the language of spirit, this is analogous to aligning our personal will to Divine Will. We thus recall, in large measure, our true origins and purpose—As above in Harmony, so below in harmony. As below in self-governance, so above in Self-Governance.


If we look heavenwards, we know the movements and interactions of the planets and stars continuously form various patterns. Some of these arrangements suggest an inherent harmony, others point to stressful confrontations, while still others are the background hum around which the vast universe turns. These cosmic interrelationships have their counterpart on earth as their energies stream down into the very cellular level of our being, as noted by astrologer Mary Plumb. So, these brief and longer enduring movements are simultaneously outward and inward—all according to Spiritual Laws. The current havoc- and change-producing Uranus/Pluto square-off (a 90° angle) is a relevant example of how these impersonal messengers affect and animate the personal and collective scene on the physical plane of life.

Prior to incarnating, each soul, as a vehicle of Spirit, gets to choose its precise moment of birth. Encoded within the DNA of the natal chart are the exact celestial configurations at that singular moment. A unique entity takes breath! The patterns of these various planetary energies signify that individual’s essential lessons and opportunities for spiritual growth in a given lifetime. Our own natal blueprint—as below—encompasses the Infinite Expanse—as above—in which we move toward the remembered condition of timeless perfection when we were supremely self-governed.

…rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.
Luke 10:20

Within the divine origin of each soul is the ultimate imperative to attain cosmic consciousness. Spiritually interpreted, we transcend our natal birth chart and graduate. In other words, we transcend the world of duality in its apparent opposites and pairs of opposites. We realize that all that is, is already in harmony, and there never was any thing to change, alter, improve, or heal, because our heritage is spiritual.

This well-known journey of the soul has its clearly discernable signposts. The lives of the mystics, saints, and illumined Masters are such templates. The Way is already lit! They have risen above the self-bound state into a wondrous bliss the world knows not of—a state that first has to be achieved on the physical level through complete self-governance. St. Paul adds clarity here when he wrote that the invisible must be understood by the visible. Such a mystery is the premise of practicing the presence of the Presence secreted within our own heart center—the place of continual Light and Oneness wherein every atom of creation is indivisible. The Directions to get Home are already present!

…the wise soul rules his or her stars and is not ruled
by them; and by aspiring to the light of the Perfect One,
you can overcome the influences of the planets,
which are affecting your life—affecting it not
with the view to upsetting it, or causing sorrow,
but affecting it to teach and strengthen the soul.
White Eagle


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