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Whether we consider humans or other animals, there are those more “shy” and “quiet” ones amongst us. Given their natural temperament, they are the individuals who appear less outwardly adventurous and less inclined to mingle in social gatherings. Note those more private people who hunker against the walls at a party, hoping to remain unnoticed! These shy, human birds possess innate radar that intuitively recognizes a similar inconspicuous disposition. They stick together, thus maintaining a familiar comfort zone.

These understated individuals are more inwardly drawn and appear more reserved and self-contained—quiet in nature—contented to be in settings that offer a serene, low-key atmosphere. They tend to seek fewer outer distractions and less variety of stimulation, but are highly motivated to explore their own fascinating interests and expansive inner world, where their creativity is unleashed.

In the avian world, there exists a “shy” counterpart. A group of scientists have spent more than 60 years studying the social networks of a woodland community of birds in the area around Oxfordshire, England.1 A remarkable study, led by Lucy Aplin from Oxford University and the Australian National University, shows how birds’ movements were tracked through the use of teensy tags. Indeed, they discovered the social behavior of birds could be correlated along a personality scale. Bolder birds are more gregarious. The shy birds tend to remain in the same, well-known flock and environment.


Amongst the shyer birds is the great tit, one of the most studied species of bird in the world. The more reticent, cautious birds, who exemplify an introverted personality, “tend to have much more stable associations that are stronger and persist over a long period of time but there are less of them,” says Ms. Alpin. The dynamics of their relationships point toward quality. She notes the more fearless, brave birds, by way of contrast, opt for a greater variety of short-term connections with larger numbers of birds among a multitude of diverse foraging groups. The data also showed males with the same bold personality type tend to prefer other bold individuals, while the shy birds avoid these males. As it turns out, it is true those “birds of a feather” do form bonds that create specific social interactions and structures, especially in winter flocks.

Come forth into the light of things.
Let Nature be your teacher.
William Wordsworth

Bird and human personality type undeniably affects behavior and sociability. On the ends of this continuum, we tend to be simply a shy or bold bird. Each has its unique place and contribution. Each is equal and beautiful. The Divine Mind of all Creation IS an infinite, indivisible Diamond. Every species, every individual, every part of the universe is an inseparable facet of this Spiritual Jewel—all greatly loved. All one.


Most calendars call today “United Nations Day.” This year, a group named Humanity’s Team has titled this day in October “Global Oneness Day 2013.” Humanity’s Team is an international, spiritual movement whose purpose is to “communicate and demonstrate the timeless truth that We Are All One with God and life – caring for each other and the world we share….”

In our hearts, thoughts, emotions, words, and deeds, let us strive toward a Global Oneness day every day—as best as we can every moment of each day.

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1. Article by Ella Davies, Reporter BBC Nature, posted

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