Posted by: Zane Maser | November 7, 2013


My husband, Chris, is my sage guy-in-residence. The other day during breakfast, while I was whining about an upcoming, unpleasant experience, he reminded me gently: “there are only two choices in life—resistance or acceptance. You make yourself unhappy or joyful.” Either we control our resistance to the circumstances and events of our life, or the internal blockage of resistance controls us. Conversely, when we embrace acceptance, it frees us from all inner and outer strain.

Here are the choices:


Resistance = attachment to the desired outcome(s) of our ego =
stress, pain, suffering, misery, and fear =
unhappiness =
absolute missing of all the wonder and gift of the present moment.


Acceptance = non-attachment from all outcomes transcends the ego =
peace of mind, body, and soul resting in love =
joyfulness =
full engagement with the wonder and gift of the present moment.


Life can be easy. We complicate or simplify it via our choices—and thus our consequences. Remember the familiar adage, “Whatever we resist, persists.” But more importantly, “Whatever we accept, also persists.”


For example, this week a female Cooper’s hawk caught one of our resident scrub jays in the front garden. We happened to look out the kitchen window at the exact moment the drama unfolded; a hawk was on the ground with her wings spread open “covering” her prey so that the captured jay could not escape. “Oh NO,” I exclaimed in horror at the predator-prey interaction—a flat rejection of what is! Seeing only the loss of the dear jay, instant despair and resistance coursed through every cell of my being. I felt wretched.

Chris’ reaction was the opposite. Through the lens of the Bio-Physical (and thus Spiritual) Laws of Nature, he saw the cycle of life and death in its perfection. He said “oh YES” to the precision of the Divine Outworking in that natural act of the hawk—an acceptance of what is. This time the hawk got the meal of the jay; another time a Great-horned owl dines on the hawk. For Chris, it is all part of the spiritual machinery of God’s evolving Universe—“life, the wonder of it all.” His total willingness to accept that moment as it played out was, for him, a rapturous confirmation of Divine Order.


The Master Jesus was a wise instructor regarding how best to live and enjoy life. He also put two choices before us: no person can serve two masters. We can serve the materialistic or outer sense of life, which most often results in the state of resistance and fear. Or, we can serve the spiritual or inner realm of life, which leads to acceptance and love as the state of grace is attained.

Life is actually easy. We complicate or simplify it via our choices—and thus our consequences. Which choice will you make?

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