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A loving person lives in a loving world.
A hostile person lives in a hostile world.
Everyone you meet is your mirror.
Ken Keyes, Jr., The Handbook of Higher Consciousness

The ebb and flow of consciousness is an amazing phenomenon. When we consider that we inwardly create our outer reality, our inner climate is the pre-existing, originating factor. It is cause. All else is the effect or result of our serene or turbulent interior weather at any given moment, as well as our temperate states. So, when our personal weather system is no longer dependent on or affected by any external influence, but taps into the larger Divine Weather System of which we are all an inseparable part, then the state of our consciousness radiates warmth, harmony, joy, and love. We have then mastered what the Middle Way recommends as the spiritual midpoint—not this as good or bad, not that as good or bad. Peace ensues.

In the physical domain, global weather results from the constant interaction of the heat and coolness of air and ocean currents. Its changeability is due to the complexity of an interconnected series of feedback loops that monitor environmental nuances. Weather in one place affects weather on the other side of the globe. Not surprisingly, our internal weather is as delicately reactive—although often in subconscious ways—when buttons are pushed before our self-restraint engages, such as in an irrational storm of knee-jerk anger at another for an innocent remark.


Like the sudden downpour of pelting rain or stinging hail that lasts a few minutes, our interior climate can change as rapidly. A few nights back, I felt my mood shift almost instantaneously—a suffocating sandstorm descended! Though it seemed there must be a logical environmental trigger to account for this change, the true cause was the activation of my swirling, inner weather system to the degree that my barometric pressure took a nosedive! I went from sunny skies to gloomy grey, a choice in attitude my psyche made unbeknownst to me in the blink of an eye. Our ego is a very sneaky creature, always diligently lurking in the background, hoping we will think someone, or some thing, or some condition “did” it to us. Acting like the consummate victim, its favorite sleight-of-hand is to “project” the cause outward—blame is the name of the ego’s game!

When it comes to the individual weather patterns that tend to typify us, they are usually easy to “read” by someone sensitive to such subtle distinctions. Living proof of this is a neighbor who has a clearly discernible weather system, which seldom seems to vary. You can “feel” his characteristic “heaviness,” as he moves from inside his house to the outside. The clouds cover the sun, as his energetic winds precede him. When we ask how he’s doing, the answer is invariably “exhausted.” His emotional, weather patterns are remarkably unchanging, at least that is the outer sense of a radar reading of his energetic signature.

The “weather” you are
will find you.
Sending out is receiving.
This is an inexorable Law.

Taken to the context of universal scale, the Cosmic Monitoring System tells us that what we meet in life reflects to us our interior climate. It does not come at us, but rather comes first from us. White Eagle would describe it as “what you put into life flows back in full measure.” Chief Seattle explains it yet another way: “Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”

We have all been bestowed with the gift and responsibility to become weather masters par excellence. In light of free will, we get to choose, moment by moment, what kind of climate we prosper in most, whether sunny and balmy or dreary and soggy. Love, compassion, gratitude, and generosity create the substance—or reality—of our life. They are the very concrete and true foundation of our Spiritual Oneness.

The kind and beautiful “weather” you are
will find and bless you.
As love is sent, love is received.
This is an inescapable Law.

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