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Snow, snow, snow,
Our landscape’s all a glow,
Dressed in pure white glitter.

With the Winter Solstice two weeks away (on December 21, 9:11 am PST), we are wrapped in a heavy blanket of snow. Our temperature dipped to 4° overnight, a record cold for early December in our locale. Meanwhile, this frigid, menacing cold is moving eastward across the U.S., interrupting normal life and perhaps dampening some people’s festive spirits. The end of 2013, weather-wise, seems to have its hurdles, as did many months of this year of dramatic changes. So many have endured loss in one way or another. Although many times the change(s) have been purposeful (in the end with surprisingly positive effects), it does not mean the route has always been easy or comfortable!


Beyond the physical level, there is now a greater-than-usual amount of heavenly, golden Light reaching Earth from the spiritual spheres. The angels’ singing can be heard by those whose hearts are open and receptive to notes and songs more beautiful than any heard before. The spiritual power of Love envelopes us all, at this sacred time of year, with the faith and vision that one day peace may be a living reality around the globe. One by one, our perceptions soften and compassion-ize, awakening to the Truth that all kingdoms of life are linked in a great collective of respect and reverence—a Communion of Oneness.


The mystical presence of Divine Mother brings a blessing of grace to our waiting hearts. Receive Her unconditional LOVE, and let go all fear. Her Cosmic Robe of Rose Light assures us of Her Omnipresence and maternal watchfulness. Each step we take is accompanied by her band of angels! Deeply, we can feel that in the grand, universal scheme, all is well. It always has been, and it always will be.

Planet Earth’s transformative awakening gathers momentum. The Real Way of Peaceful Unity has opened for those of us ready to embrace and birth a Spiritual Earth. The lion is lying down with the gentle lamb. My warm hand reaches to yours. Perfection and illumination of being are our divine heritage. We are One Life, One Family.


I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Their old, familiar carols play,
And wild and sweet
The words repeat
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Over the past three years, I’ve written holiday and Solstice pieces that speak of the timeless Wonder and Joy as one year’s cycle closes for a new year’s beginning. To each of you, my love and a wish for an abundance of blessings in 2014 and beyond! Thanks for being “SunnyCat” readers.

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Text © by Zane Maser, 2013. Snow photo © by Zane Maser, 2013. The statue of Mother Mary taken at Genova, Italy, is gratefully used from Wikimedia Commons, attributed to Sunil Bhardwaj. The photo of St. John the Baptist Church is also from Wikimedia Commons, attributed to Trish Steel. The first photo of the church is from Wikimedia as well. All rights reserved worldwide.

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