Posted by: Zane Maser | January 6, 2014


Beauty is a vehicle of Divine Love made manifest.
As ye sow beauty first inwardly in tender self-acceptance,
and then outwardly as unconditional love,
so ye reap bounteous, blissful Beauty.


Beauty comes within the province of graceful Venus, the Goddess of Love, She who governs the creative arts and the dance of relating. As the year begins, we are all in a significant Venus period of quiet, gentle reflection upon our intimate relationships, our central values, and creative expression. In fact, astrologer Steven Forrest suggests 2014 will have a “strong Venusian signature,” due to the rare concurrence of Venus turning retrograde on the Winter Solstice.

In the heavens today, transiting Venus in sensible Capricorn at 24° is traveling in retrograde motion, thus retracing Her steps—backwards—over zodiacal degrees She has already traversed. Until the end of January, it’s a favorable time for introspection and careful feeling. As we turn the mirror of Venus inward, we too can take a look backward in order to see more keenly what is truly of heart’s value, while kindly releasing all that is now unreal or valueless. Engage the days wisely to ponder, clear, and replenish while this significant feminine energy enfolds us.

The old beliefs and choices must be relinquished
to create space for the relevant and progressive to arrive.
A commencement follows an ending.


Last September, we dug out a flowerbed that had been our “Pink garden.” And pink is a Venusian color! When we created it many years ago, we filled it with freshly fertile soil. The area was also largely free of the competing roots of our maple trees. It was an annual delight to enjoy its fullness of blossom, color, and fragrance. So taking out an entire bed of bulbs, surviving annuals, perennials, and a loved yellow rose was not an easy physical or emotional thing to do!

But, its time had shifted. When it’s time for change, it’s time. Right timing comes from the heart, because a consciously chosen act of letting go is always freeing and a step toward greater awakening. Moreover, it doesn’t arrive from an external source as a crisis or demanded change that catches us off-guard. Still, it’s true that some choices are very difficult, but they inevitably open out into an effective transition and added lightness—a new balance for the present time.


Sharing some of these deeply cherished plants with neighbors and relocating others, we sacrificed many to transform a piece of the garden from complexity to simplicity, from more work to less labor. We willingly shed one stage of great beauty for an equal but more relevant stage for us and for our garden now—an inseparable flowing from one form and harmonious configuration into another of sleek refinement.

We created beauty before. We have beauty now. Equal and different. This is right and that was right. Beauty is limitless in every successive cycle. No matter how the patterns rearrange themselves, the discerning eye of spirit always glimpses the inherent beauty, since this “I” views life without any speck of judgment. Within the Divine Image, there lives the eternal picture of the perfect form, whether it is a person or a rose in bloom. Perhaps, then, the essence of the “God Particle” is appropriately the Beauty Particle.

Within the Divine schema, there is nothing that
exists outside of Beauty,
because it is all Beautiful.
There is no opposite of Beauty.
There never has been.
There never will be.

Within the Divine schema, Beauty is intrinsic.
Inner Beauty is the source that causes
and creates outer beauty.
Open your eyes.
Open your heart.
All is of the infinite nature of Beauty.

In our everyday lives, there is a constant opportunity to notice, enjoy, appreciate, and personally create beautiful symmetry. This year and next will repeat the astrological theme of intense, transformative processes that will allow us to consciously engage the areas of our lives that are ripe for major change and realignment.

In what area(s) of your life would you choose to create a larger measure of balance and harmony? Of naturalness? Of beauty? Of simplicity? Of love? Of true serenity based on inner grace?


Not my beauty, but Thy Beauty shining through.
I am an instrument for the expression of Infinite Beauty.


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