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Life-changing revelations are available to each of us at any moment. Sometimes they come in wonderful, joyful ways, like the news of the birth of a grandchild seven months hence. Sing and dance time! Occasionally they arrive clothed as the grim reaper with heart-tearing news that the breast lump is in fact cancerous, having spread with rapid aggression into the lymph node system. Shock and tears time!

But if we consider this moment of Omnipresent Oneness as the perpetual flow of Grace, then we can settle softly into any news, difficult as it may be initially. All is received without inner resistance. This theme permeates all the Ancient Wisdom teachings and mystical stories, of Masters who simply respond to any situation with equipoise and non-attachment—“Is that so.” Another condensed version of this Truth was voiced when the spiritual master, the great Indian philosopher, J. Krishnamurti, asked his audience, “Do you want to know my secret?” All ears perked up in anticipation to learn the key to enlightened living. He responded by sharing his private truth: “I don’t mind what happens.”


Whenever someone’s true self speaks, we hear the language of the heart. This Self keeps it simple, gentle, kind, self-affirming, like a warm blanket of Love that celebrates every particle of us. The voice of the real self always communicates in terms of service to the whole of life, in the ways of unconditional giving—what can I do to serve. Its world is built on the richness of the inner life, on the all-inclusive Reality that is ever-present and for which we are all a part. This essential Being-ness expresses Itself as who we really are and how we live from our hearts, as well as what we do in daily deed.

Equally, we have the contrarian voice of the ego, which is the illusory sense of self who gets great glee out of jerking our emotional chains as often as is possible. Think of it as the small self—the “me first.” The ego is the language of the head, all the “shoulds,” competitive urges, comparisons and judgments, the “I’m not adequate” or “Am I good enough?” soliloquies that are the old, toxic tapes playing from the deep, dark recesses of our subconscious mind. Caught up in a world based on external standards laid down by others, the ego speaks in terms of achievements and material success—what can I do to get you to “ooh” and “ah” at all “my triumphs.” Look at me!

For most of us, these two primary levels pervade our physical, emotional, and mental life. One of these voices takes precedence in the foreground, then the other—switching on a dime! The ego resides in “the seen world,” that place of consciousness spoken of by the Master Jesus. Such “existence” revolves around the multiplicity of outer forms and the constant noise of endless mental content. The invisible level of life, where the Higher Self dwells, can be variously described as: the innermost self, essence, our inner home, the heart center, Being, an expression of the One, eternal life, the world of Light, or the kingdom of heaven (the wording Jesus used).


When I’m off center and out of kilter, in reactivity mode, I can move back and forth between these two levels like a bouncing ball! But if I stop long enough to listen with awareness to the background dialogue in my head, it’s easy to discern which language is being spoken. I call this diligent exercise the Ego-Freeing Technique. It is so effective it robs the ego of all its trumped up power, because such conscious presence becomes a watchful amusement free of the ego’s shenanigans. Very soon, the inflated air is sucked out of the ego. As this false self gets less and less attention, it slithers away until its next opening to pounce and stir the waters, instigating yet another fracas. Used over time, the Ego-Freeing Technique allows us to live from the peaceful, contented level of the heart. Such alignment is our natural state.


You may be familiar with and use the highly effective practice called “Emotional Freedom Technique” (“EFT” for short), otherwise known as “tapping.” EFT is a valuable blending of Western psychotherapeutic modalities with the ancient wisdom of Eastern acupressure.1 It’s a self-help gift—an ego-freeing technique—as close as our fingertips! Utilizing a specific sequence of meridian points, which are the major energy channels of the body that carry the subtle life force or qi, we can gently tap those points with our fingertips as we verbalize what’s going on internally at the moment.

While tapping these “acupoints,” we formulate the precise words that describe our repressed emotions, such as pain, anger, fear, doubts, indecisiveness, or blockages. When we hear our true feelings pouring out, finally coming to the surface of our awareness, not surprisingly, they turn out to be the habitual scripts and dialogue of the ego. Tapping gets at the root cause of whatever problem, pressure, or challenge is rising in the moment, many of which derive their origin from childhood. Thus, through tapping and talking, we are able to shine an attentive light on all the “limiting beliefs” long buried in our psyche. The built up state of acute distress can, in some instances, be released and dissipated quite quickly.

Tap, tap, tap away the current difficulty and stress. With every round of tapping, day after day, the ego is diminished, returning us to our luminous center and the supportive language of our heart.

Start paying conscious attention to the dialogue in your head, so you can discern who is talking to you internally. Begin to recognize whose actual voice it is. Who has the upper hand? Is it taking you “out of your game” or encouraging you to go for your own personal gold? On which level do you want to spend your time? It will take absolute diligence to be aware when the ego has slipped in and repeated vigilance to once again rout it out.

One day you’ll realize that joy and serenity are what you experience most of the time. You meet life with an enthusiastic “yes!” The ego’s power is no more. You have at long last re-entered the Kingdom of Heaven and returned Home to your Self—a price well paid for every moment’s effort in conscientious awareness. The language of the heart is where you live.


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1. Nick Ortner. The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living. 2013. Hay House, Inc. If you’d like more information regarding tapping, Nick Ortner’s Tapping Solution website is filled with tons of information and resources, including “Tapping 101” and a short video on “What is Tapping.”

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