Posted by: Zane Maser | March 14, 2014


Contentment is an internal gift
we give to our self.

Around our home, I’m known as the “Bommy.” That is, Bird Mommy. She is the one who gets up early, trekking out to daily restock the “Birdie Diner” before all the hungry mouths arrive. And what a joyful service it tis!

So many of the small tasks that drive our days can be ones that bring great contentment. Such enjoyment is an interior spaciousness of presence wherein we can choose—consciously—to experience everything in the world as though it spins around an Axis of Love. Despite what outer appearances may look like, especially in these current, intense times of transition and transformation, this Axis is indeed the Universal Center!

Consider the possibility that life’s major concerns, such as health and money, are actually outer manifestations of divine grace, first having their origin in the contented soul—the one who feels whole and complete. Such bountiful life flows out from within us, because it cannot come to us externally as lasting qualities we possess. This outward flow of energy, in whatever form it takes, empties our vessel while simultaneously refilling it. In such a state of givingness, we are continually supplied, even to the “twelve full baskets” that remain after feeding the multitudes.

Contrast this with a consumptive mentality, which creates the impulse for the constant round of dissatisfactions that impel us toward “more is better.” Always seeking what is next, consumption’s basis is a poverty of soul that seeks to be filled from the outside, an empty process that, in the end, is forever destined to fail—like trying to fill a well from the top. It feels like something is always just out of reach and thus somehow incomplete.

Both consumption and contentment are self-perpetuating and contagious. The restless desire to acquire and consume focuses on the future and the past: what is missing or what was missing that we must have today, next week, next year. The deep satisfaction of contentment is a here-and-now focus: how can we express our gratitude for the simplicity and fullness of this precious moment.


The face of true contentment

What if you were to bring mindful presence to every moment, and at the end of the day, you created a series of instances that add up to a perfectly lived day? There would never be regrets, or the need to “re-do” or “re-run” any scenario that occurred during the day, since you’ve done your attentive best. With all of you in one place, that is, non-fragmented and fully present, you would be moving through a series of gratifying moments that add up to major contentment of heart, soul, and life. The movie, “About Time,” is a poignant depiction of the joy of perfectly lived days and the deep contentment it ensures.

Invitation To Rest Now In A Moment Of Quiet:

In the “many mansions” within, there are numerous doors to choose from. It is all up to us which door has the resonant energy that will draw us close.


Will you join me in a few moments of restorative quiet? With your imagination, envision your eyes closing, if that feels comfortable to do so. There is before us an expansive hallway within this enormous Mansion. See all the various doors, each one unique. Move at a leisurely pace, pausing when you need to. Feel the relaxed peace that enfolds you. Feel its loving support and the guidance speaking softly to “follow your heart.”

You already know your way along the hallway—your individual way. It’s never really been a mystery. The interior Mansion has always been present. It is the background that comes forward when you are tranquil and still.

As your heart opens to its inner knowing, you find yourself at the right door for you at this moment. The Light brightens. You feel calm and centered, more truly yourself than you can recall. Harmony emanates from the room you stand before. You are aware of a pervasive contentment that nurtures every cell of your being. You feel rested, yet vibrant.

And then … you are conscious that the door of the room is open. Soft music whispers to your inner being. A Spiritual Light invites you to take the step across the threshold. And so you do.

The room feels entirely familiar. Comfortable. As though you have come home—by active choice—to your Self, into the presence of Absolute Presence. Indivisibly One. Liberated. Fulfilled. And you realize the door has always been open, eternally, awaiting your return….

Wherever you go,
whatever you are doing,
you take lasting contentment with you
as Spirit’s gracious gift to you.
And your peace is your gift to all life.



Postscript: In a delightful synchronous turn, a dear friend sent a belated birthday card today with the following message: Wishing you purr-fect contentment through every stage of life.

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