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Look up at the silvery Lunar orb in the outer sky.
And then pause to feel Her counterpart in your inner sky.
She watches, with great love.

Last week, as the glorious Virgo Full Moon began to wane, the title for this piece suddenly dropped into my mind while I was crossing the “threshold consciousness” from sleep to waking. “Now that’s a deep concept to consider,” I thought, as further ideas bubbled up. Clipboard by the side of the bed, I jotted down the insights while they were fresh and memorable.

As synchronicity would have it, a very dear friend sent a touching email entitled “Motherly Love.” Supported with pictures taken by wildlife photographer Jean-Francois Largot, the drama unfolds after a wee lion cub slips over and down a steep cliff. Barely hanging onto the crumbling soil, its desperate cries draw to its aid not only its mother but also three female lions and a male. The lionesses begin the rescue descent. The treachery of the mission, however, stops all but one cat.


Fueled solely by her “motherly love,” she continues down the dangerous cliff face, using every ounce of her mighty prowess, because, were she to loose her grip, both mother and baby would plummet to their deaths at the bottom of the ravine. Her strength takes her just below the exhausted cub, where she grabs it with her jaws. The ascending journey is as perilous, but her sheer determination takes them to the top. Standing over her coveted youngster, she gives it a soothing lick on the head, assuring the cub of her maternal watchfulness—their lives forever intertwined.

Like the archetypal Great Mother, our own mother, in her best guise, can function as the creative power of new life, the one who is gently enfolding, comforting, reassuring, and protective of her child. This is the Divine feminine who replicates love and passes on the legacy of love—like the quick response of the lioness, who risked it all to save her cub. Alternately, our mother can arise as the destroyer of that which is tender, fragile and/or undesirable, crushing the newborn’s psyche when it’s—“who am I?”—preceptors are the most vulnerable to incoming energetic impressions from its caretakers and the environment.

Every one is a moon, and has a dark side
which he
never shows to anybody.

Mark Twain

Yet astrologer Dana Gerhardt explains an amazing lunar wonder, when taken beyond the outer level of life to its profound spiritual symbolism: “The archetypal Moon has a dark side, as does the astronomical one. Owing to the speed of its orbit and rotation, Luna … keeps turning the same face toward us, like a mother with her eyes constantly on her child. Luna’s ‘dark’ side is always hidden, although it actually does get sunlight. It’s just that we never see it. It’s dark like a mystery is dark, like something in shadow or unknown.”1


This means on the practical and energetic levels, as we sail through space on our Earth-ship, that we are never left without the divine light of the Mother-Lunar Presence. Her seen and unseen faces are both light infused. If we can get this at the deepest level of realization, then we apprehend the formless, timeless Mother Essence of Life. We are eternally in communion with the sacred Feminine Presence, supplied fully—internally—with her gracious attentiveness, for the vessel is an interior, spiritual one.


In fact, the Moon is often described as a container, with its dual functions as receptacle and reflector. According to our own perceptions and evolving expectations, learned in the “family” classroom on Mother Earth, we decide to make our mother cup either half empty or half-to-brimming full. Granted, it’s often done unconsciously, but it becomes the prima materia in which we later tell our sad or happy mother story—which I believe is the most formative story line of our lives for women and men alike.

Divine Mother feeds us unconditionally—not for what
She may receive but for what She can give.
As a continuous conduit of Love, She provides
all our needs when we ingest from the spiritual level of life,
because emotional cravings and hunger are only satisfied
on this inner level of harmony and wholeness.


At some point during our evolving journey, if your mother drama was in any way similar to mine, we reach the crossroads where we’ve told our story ad nauseum of “I’m like this because I didn’t receive enough quality mothering.” We—ourselves—have to make the jump to light speed. We have to stop the unrealistic expectation and waiting around for someone external to us to fill our cup and realize that it has always been full, just like the whole orb of the Moon! In this state of oneness only we can give to our self, the duality of opposites, such as a light and dark side, or the possibility of lack dissolves. The heavenly Maternal Kingdom resides within.

When I look back with great compassion to the depth of my emotional hungers, I was subconsciously in “mother pursuit” for some nurturing, affirmation, and the security I felt lacking from my own “mother experience.” I searched high and low for a sympathetic substitute—out there—who I hoped would notice me and pour her love out to the small child within who felt left out and empty. With the Moon square both Venus and Saturn in my natal chart, it’s safe to say that cultivating the aspect of positive mothering and feminine ease are a huge part of the learning on my soul agenda this time around. That is to repeat, my learning. My mother’s sense of self and maternal learning were her own struggle, the sad residue from a childhood bereft of nurturance. We came together to be emotional mirrors for one another, as well as for self-mastery.

The Moon’s fertile realm includes the psyche and the hidden or inner side of life, which lies within all forms of outer manifestation, and Her spiritual energy is readily available when we move into our heart and call to Her. The only true solutions to all of life’s heartbreaks and mysteries reside within. In any moment, we can choose to come Home to the warm closeness and belonging given by the Eternal Mother Being, She whose watchful and protective care knows our need even before we do.

The Moon’s Rays of Maternal Love are often of a shimmering, pearlescent “mother” quality that is deeply gentle yet powerful as her reflected Light blends softly with all the colors. The Moon has always been associated with silver light and with violet, such that the underlying quality of the Ray of the Great Mother is amethyst. No matter what our concern may be, within this serene “pearl” vibration is an all-encompassing feeling of love and tender understanding for our current need and humanness.


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1. Dana Gerhardt. Hungry Moons. The Mountain Astrologer, Issue #174, April/May 2014, pages 13-16.

Text © by Zane Maser, 2014. Photos gratefully used from Wikimedia Commons. All rights reserved worldwide.

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  1. How beautiful! Thank you for your loving thoughts! Linda

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