Posted by: Zane Maser | April 4, 2014


The affect to one of us affects all of us.
One person’s serene presence affects all.
One person’s conscious awareness affects all.
Our every act is a choice with a consequence.
Love is the ultimate affect.

Yesterday morning, with the night’s rain still moistening the sidewalks, I noticed a neighbor bent over in rapt focus. I realized, at that moment, he was being “Saint Worm.” Rather than walking mindlessly to his daily work at the university, he was aware enough to see a wee earthworm in harm’s way. His kind heart and hand saved a life. And in that extraordinary act, he affected the entirety of Creation, because, as ecologist Chris Maser puts it, “everything in the Universe is part of a single relationship. Nothing is a separate or an independent variable, so not even a grain of sand [or an earthworm] can exist outside of this intrinsic relationship.”


Chris is yet another Saint Worm, interrupting our bike rides periodically to safely escort an earthworm in the road to a sustainable place on better ground. When I asked him about the life and value of earthworms, he explained that foremost an earthworm’s task is to mix the soil. They eat dead, organic materials, like leaves, passing the matter through their efficient systems and excreting it, as an integral component of nutrient recycling—all of which benefits growing plants and trees. Earthworms create air spaces that both allows the soil to breath and opens spaces for the infiltration of water and chemical processes to take place—the totality of which adds up to rich fertility. Among the soil’s various functions is to be the exchange membrane between the inorganic (non-living) and organic (living) components of the Earth. Soil is the very stage on which the entire human drama is enacted, and if we destroy this sacred stage, the consequence to human survival is perilous. So the humble life of earthworms is every bit as indispensable as every other life on this planet.

In fact, to esteem the natural world and appreciate its springtime awakening (in the northern hemisphere) is an excellent antidote for the potentially challenging, tense astrological weather of April when many things may come to some sort of a head. Without doubt, a crucial, evolutionary point has been reached on the personal and collective levels.


The blogosphere is replete now with writings on the heightened pressure and possibilities of the Grand Cross reaching its forceful peak on April 22, but its strong effect will pulse all month long. Dire and encouraging viewpoints are plentiful. Clearly, the April stakes are high with the four points of the Cross occupied by Mars opposing Uranus (surprising force) and Jupiter opposing Pluto (expansive rebirth)—the four planets potently squared in the mid-degrees of the dynamic Cardinal signs. The scenes of our lives and the outer world are likely dramatically shifting! A powerful purging is ongoing. Even though it may be painful, go with it!

The heart of the astrological imperative—a personally crafted Cosmic message directed to each of us—is to continue to release and let go of any things, persons, conditions, or circumstances that do not positively contribute to your spiritual essence. As space is created from this process of conscious choice and relinquishment, renewal comes. Breakthroughs are available. Sunlight, due to clearer skies, will reward those with a courageous heart. Embrace the unknown. Whatever is a better fit for now and into the future will arise then, naturally, in its own perfect timing. Watch for new pathways. A miraculous life awaits those who are willing to replace fear with trust, faith, and love.

If you are feeling pressed too hard with juggling multiple changes or somehow off balance, then look up to the life of the clouds for guidance and inspiration. They show us with their Cloud Memos that there’s no such thing as a constant moment but rather a fluid panorama of moving, shifting formations and patterns of aliveness. The clouds flow with and accommodate the continuously changing beauty of the Creative Process of Life.


April is a month to stay grounded and centered, focused in the appreciation and awe of this moment—now, the only moment we will ever have. Look down to notice the small things, like earthworms. Delicate, spring green buds grow in readiness to open for yet another season of growth. The crows are flying overhead with sticks in their capable beaks, preparing a safe nest for the next cherished generation. Gaze in wonderment at the glistening diamonds of raindrops on the vegetation, the stunning aftermath of the ocean’s waters cleansing Mother Earth anew.


The Universe is in its perfect rhythm. Be assured the larger Plan is unfolding in its Divine Accuracy to allow each of us the choice to birth a greater Consciousness on this physical level of life. Align your self with this flawless Universal Mandate for transformation. Offer gratitude for the fresh opportunities and blessings of this day. Serve Life, and It will serve you with abundant joy and grace. Go outside and fly!

Today’s seeds,
whether they be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual,
will tomorrow bear the fruit.
What harvest will yours be?

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