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If you focus on the ephemeral,
you miss the Eternal.
Chris Maser, philosophical wizard

Nineteen years ago, in 1995, my life was punctuated by massive change and the significant passing of several two-footed and four-footed loved ones. Captured in a cycle of serial “loss,” I was emotionally reeling. That autumn, with my husband halfway around the world for 18 days, an out-of-the-blue, debilitating panic attack struck. A wave of buried anxiety—triggered by the activation of my “loss” button—resurfaced. My emotional equilibrium teetered. Life as I knew it and counted on had permanently shifted.

If there is a single definition of healing
it is to enter with mercy and awareness those pains,
mental and physical, from which we have
withdrawn in judgment and dismay.
Stephen Levine

Ancient grief will eventually surface in one way or another. What is buried festers, in one way or another, on one level or another, such as in chronic back pain held in the body. Accessing the emotion and story behind the trapped pain and suffering opens the wound and heart to fresh air. The stagnant energy begins to release to resume its natural flow. Finally, at last… The armor protecting our heart melts. Life feels warmer and more welcoming.

In present time, I am once more in the throes of accelerated changes and multiple passings, albeit in different, outer ways. And, yes, the same energy is afoot, touching the same inner button and again setting off the theme of “loss.” No surprise, the clockwork of the 19-year cycle of eclipses has come around to nearly the same degree in the same sign and area (house) in my astrological birth chart, which also means that every nine and a half years the same degree in the opposite sign is stimulated. When something is personally triggered, in my case natal Saturn (the realm of anxiety, fear, loss, mortality, and sorrow), eclipses have a reputation for rearranging the energies in our lives, sometimes in rather unforeseen, startling, troublesome (and also positive) ways! They are known to be markers for abrupt and/or radical change, most especially when the eclipse degree touches a sensitized point in the chart. Issues related to that arena of life (house) tend to be stirred.


Tuesday’s Lunar Eclipse in Libra at 26° (0:42 am PST) was a strong and total “Blood Moon.” With so much planetary activity on the radar screen this week and next, as the Cardinal Grand Cross peaks for an unprecedented fifth time, this spectacular Eclipse served to heighten our ongoing “alert mode!”

The magnified energy of an eclipse can be like an intense vortex, when some sort of crisis is precipitated that takes us down into our earliest, haunting fears, suppressed emotions, and hidden failures. Sometimes referred to as a “cosmic push,” the energy of an eclipse, one that affects us directly, can not only change the trajectory of our life but also ultimately free us from past imprisonments. Space is created for new movement, forms, and patterns. Our muscles of resilience are strengthened. In precise fashion, that’s the balancing effect of the Universe—disharmony replaced by harmony.

A Lunar Eclipse, which occurs at the time of a Full Moon, symbolizes a culmination when some sort of result, resolution, or fulfillment has been attained. It is both a peak of completion and thus an ending that tends to be permanent. The passing of my loved ones is such an example. As a door(s) closes, another opens, offering us the opportunity to step forward when the light of the Full Moon is no longer blocked by the Earth.

The 19-year eclipse cycle is a reasonable span of time to grow, blossom, and return to the still center within our being. Each time this whole, structured cycle begins anew, we are given the chance to engage it at a higher level of insight or stage of our development. We get to make the conscious choice. For me, Saturn, the Great Wise Teacher, has been a deepening influence, revealing “death” to be a misperception when taken only at the outer level of apparent loss. The One Life, emanating from the Divine Center, is indeed Eternal!

The Mystical Teachings that come down from On High declare that every thing is helpful, and every thing happens for a purpose. We are continuously reassured that there has been and is an orderly unfolding of our evolution and spiritual maturity—an organic process undertaken with Watchful Eyes of Compassion upon us. From one Lunar Eclipse at a specific degree of the zodiac to the same approximate degree nineteen years later, it heralds that a spiritual cycle is now complete. And so it is. And so we nod in gratitude.


For those of you already astrologically astute, you will know whether the current eclipse has formed close contacts (aspects) to the same significant planets or points in your natal chart. For Tuesday’s Lunar Eclipse (at 26° Libra, which pulls in the other Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn and a range of somewhere between 21 to 29 degrees), consider the issues or themes that were activated in your life in the weeks and months surrounding last October, in 2005, 1995, and 1986-87 (roughly 9½ year intervals). Does a pattern(s) emerge? Can you pinpoint the focused learning you have undergone? Can you sense the gradual but definite inner growth in your process of greater self-appreciation and authenticity? Are you ready to greet the next spiritual cycle?

Loving yourself … does not mean being self-absorbed,
it means welcoming yourself as the most honored
guest in your own heart.
Margo Anand


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