Posted by: Zane Maser | April 24, 2014



In these modern days, there are all kinds
of options for insurance and care,
from Immediate Care to Urgent Care to Emergency,
life, disability, and cancer insurance policies,
long-term care and assisted-living care,
curative, palliative, and hospice care,
homeopathic and alternative care,
less costly Ayurvedic care in India
for those willing to hop a plane,
respite and child/adult day care,
even doggie day care,
broken-down-along-the-highway towing car care,
to many more waiting to be named.

But the true heart of it is,
In the beginning….
God created Constant Care
as our no-cost inheritance
to ensure we know Invisible Grace
is always present,
to know those everlasting arms
are ready at all times to catch us
were we to start to stumble and fall.
The wee birds are lifted up too.

The little shiny sparks of divinity
that we are
descended into the densest of matter,
sadly forgetting our Heavenly Home,
its warmth and joy.
“Hey look, I have this form,
this body.
How marvelous am I!
And I can be a some body through
a personality that I think is ‘me’.”

Eons pass.
Layer upon layer is heaped onto this outer face.
And the sacred flame in our heart flickers
for want of notice and tending.
We desperately search for all the ways
to alleviate our fear,
only to acquire another safety net of insured care,
hoping all the bases are now covered.

All the while,
Constant Care has forever been our share,
as near as a breath of sparkling air,
infused with all the inner food we need,
so to outwardly plead
is to miss the continual provision
from the infinite and eternal Source
Who knows all needs in due course.

Constant Care is our birthright.
Sleep soundly, deeply, peacefully,
child of Mine,
this starry night,
under a soft blanket of Love.


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