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To those who love,
all is love.

A garden is a marvelous way to spread love. It is a place of quiet communion with other levels of life: the angels of the elements (earth, air, fire, and water), the deva and little nature spirits; and the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms. The feeling of the One Life pervades. To be in the joy of a garden is simply to BE.

A garden is also where community is made for those kindred spirits who appreciate and share a love of creating this particular form of beauty and peace. Stopping motion long enough to “smell the fragrant flowers” becomes a reality here. Such an oasis of harmony lights up a neighborhood, even for those who do not consciously notice or take in the vibration of Life loving Life.


One of my favorite tasks in the garden is pruning off the spent blossoms of the rhododendrons, peonies, and roses, to name a few, and collecting all the colorful petals to decompose in our composter. The flowers are the height of creative expression for plants—their glorious moments of showing forth love—as well as a precious encapsulation of their radiant energy. Flowers are the plant’s vital essence passed forward as a return of nutrients into the soil.

When the luscious rotting has taken place, we apply the rich, dark compost throughout our flower and vegetable beds. This additive of love is spread over the garden and recycled into the soil at the microscopic level. By taking care of the humblest, yet most vital component of the living system—the soil—we take care of the foundation and thus the healthy quality of the Whole. To nurture the soil in such a way is to nurture our self. Inextricably linked, each sustains the other in a self-reinforcing feedback loop of love.

At its best, life is truly a circle of generosity and reciprocity. Spiritually interpreted, what if the biblical verse of “casting your bread upon the waters and finding it after many days” simply means to spread love? So, the more we love, the more ways it returns. Universal Law tells us that each particle of whatever we cast forth is earmarked with our name, whether it is anger or patience, greed or kindness, self-centeredness or love. And oftentimes, interest is added! Cast forth wisely!

In astrological parlance, the feminine energies of Venus,
the Moon, and Neptune flow from the loving heart of
the gardener into their unique expression of landscape beauty.
In what ways do you use these energies to create beauty?
What is the special form in which you radiate forth love?


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