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When two friends understand each other totally,
the words are soft and strong like an orchid’s perfume.
Martin Luther King Jr.

Often, when I go into my favorite grocery store, there is a display of gorgeously colored, vibrant orchids. Commercially, they are meant to be exotic, inviting, and irresistible, enticing buyers to take one or more of these attractive beauties home. Their mystique is otherworldly! And so, an orchid or two hop into the shopping cart, hoping for a good home.

Alas, that does not always turn out to be the case. And more times than I’d like to remember, many orchids arrive at stores looking in pretty tough, roughly handled shape. These sad ones, with their bumps and bruised appearance, waste away for want of being in “perfect” condition. How many people would give them a chance to regain their stately grace?

My heart weeps for these neglected, forgotten ones.

In their almost endless variety, estimated to be more than 26,000 accepted species occurring naturally,1 orchids are highly coveted treasures that are some of the gentlest life forms on Earth. The orchid family is also one of the largest plant families, with an additional 110,000 cultivars (varieties that are cultivated).2 In addition, orchid flower essences are very powerful healing agents that can create positive shifts in our subtle energy field and help to produce both clarity and focus to
our individual spiritual Path.

You can get off alcohol, drugs, women, food, and cars,
but once you’re hooked on orchids, you’re finished.
You never get off orchids … never.
Joe Kunisch, Commercial Orchid Grower

For when a man falls in love with orchids,
he’ll do anything to possess the one he wants.
… it’s a sort of madness….
Norm MacDonald


Indeed, orchids tend to be dramatic, stage grabbers, casting their spell widely, which is why they are commercially lucrative and addictively sought. But on the inward level, orchids are first and foremost subtle beauty and sweetness personified.

Respectful and humble, orchids talk to those with listening ears: “Remember who you are. The consciousness in which you deal with and treat us is the same consciousness that permeates your treatment of your self. Is it thoughtful? Kind? Accepting? Critical? Harsh? Neglectful?”

“We are your mirror. If you give us respect and love, then it comes from the tender warmth of your own heart. It is how you first feel about you. Be present in self-acceptance. Love who you are in this moment. Your own imperfections are temporary learning vehicles.”


“Underneath, it’s ALL the One Life, comprised of the one Infinite, Universal Substance of pure Light and Love, the Divine Truth made manifest as Unity. We are all of the One Family. Someday in the not-too-distant future, the entirety of humanity will surely awaken to its Oneness. Until that glorious time, live from your heart, as we do, radiating harmony and peace. Respond to every moment and life as the sacred Wholeness It already is.”

On June 22, you are invited to join in a worldwide prayer of appreciation and healing for our Mother Earth and all levels of life.

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