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In anticipation of the Sun’s returning Light,
the morning glory’s delicate bud waits
in readiness and simple faith.
It is among the first to welcome a new sunrise.
To celebrate the solar warmth
and healing power that is sent out to all life.

Like the morning glory that blooms in the morning and dies in the afternoon of the same day, sharing its stunning beauty for those brief hours, we too have only the glory of this morning. The Sun greets us with its promise of a brand new slate to write today’s script. Its rays provide the heat and light necessary for continued life. The natural world is the context that enfolds us, but do we in fact notice the magnificent, generous life around us? Do we offer gratitude for its nourishment and ever-present blessings? Do we realize nature as a cathedral, a place of worship?


With the current, global changeability escalating (for example, the warming of our planet), what we tend to take for granted seems more uncertain, at least on the outer level. Life can transmogrify into something really different in an eye’s blink! Take hold of and glorify this moment! It never returns. Aptly, that is why the morning glory is considered a symbol for death and rebirth.

As case in point, while I was reveling in the splendor of this morning’s meditation, a city water pipe a block away blew apart, spewing water 30 feet high, rupturing the street as though a bomb had hit! Within seconds, water was pouring down several blocks, causing basements to fill with inches of stinking sewage. And this event is the third serious flooding in the past few years, tragically happening three days after the city was suppose to start the repair work to replace the pipes! Houses are shape-shifted again! None of our neighbor’s awoke this morning anticipating yet another terrible round of destruction and disruption, a disaster that could have been avoided had the city acted promptly.

On the up side, the good news is July is a relatively calm, astrological month in terms of planetary interactions. “A summer of grace,” as astrologer Lorna Bevan put it, in part due to a harmonious trine in the water signs composed of Saturn (wisdom gained through experience) and Chiron (healing and wisdom) and completed respectively by the Sun (illumination), Mercury (lighthearted and versatile), and Venus (beauty-loving), as they flow through the nurturing, tender sign of Cancer. The planet of optimism and bountiful fortune, Jupiter, changes signs on July 16. It moves into Fiery, Sun-ruled Leo, also an expansive, generous, graceful, enthusiastic energy. Over the next year, warmth of heart and an encouraging hand offered to others will be expressed spontaneously, as we tap the sparkling, joyful nature of Jupiter in Leo—a signature well able to leap out of bed to glory in the morning!

July is set to be a time for quiet reflection, relaxation, renewal, and settling more comfortably into the tremendous changes we’ve all experienced in recent years. The long-term square of Uranus (radical change) to Pluto (processes of death and rebirth) has kept us dancing the double quickstep, and it still looms as a more quiescent but influential background note. The intense cycle of the Uranus-Pluto square will build for a rare, sixth time during the autumn months to culminate in mid December. Their final squaring off before they bow out and separate occurs next March 17. Deep, quantum shifts are their immutable bequest—described by Terry Lamb as the overarching “architects of transformation” that will define our current times. Their lasting legacy is the gateway to move to a higher vibrational level personally and as a global culture.

In the grandeur of each morning, ask yourself: Will I consciously choose harmony and peace, beauty and grace, compassion and connectivity, sharing and loving from my awakened heart?


Destiny calls to each of us. There is a world
behind a world where we all are connected,
all part of a great and moving plan.
William Shakespeare, A Winter’s Tale

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