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Spirit interpenetrates the finite.
All the “divine ideas” that are possible already exist.
Each idea chosen and thus pursued
creates form in time and space.
A consequence is set in motion.
The ending is encoded
from the beginning choice.
Life is the cumulative experience of a
growing collection of choices.

What if humanity—comprised of each and every person in their own timing—arrived at a place to HEAR a BIG TRUTH revealed, at least “this” version of it. From this given scenario, the Light sheds light on the whole realm of infinite possibilities!

I came across a remarkable passage in the third book of Neale Donald Walsch’s popular trilogy, “Conversations With God.”1 It’s such a mind-boggling, consciousness-expanding, Universe-opening IDEA that my jaw dropped and my eyes widened. “WOW,” I marveled, “if I grasp this breathtaking revelation in its full spiritual ramifications, I grasp it ALL!! I am indeed my own creator!”

As this particular “conversation” goes, God is patiently explaining to Neale that everything that will ever happen “has already happened. Every possibility exists as fact, as completed events.” An exhilarating mind-bender, isn’t it? It certainly was for Neale, as he attempted to digest this BIG concept with its embedded maxim: “time does not exist.”

So, God goes on to give the example of a child playing a computerized video game using a CD-ROM.2 The computer responds in perfect synchrony to all the twists and turns the child makes with a joystick. Is it advanced magic or simply technology? God puts it plainly: “It’s all on the disc. The computer knows how to respond to every move the child makes because every possible move has already been placed on the disc, along with the appropriate response.” And this is nothing compared to the “technology of the universe!”

God invites each of us to “think of the Cosmic Wheel [and our life] as that CD-ROM. All the endings already exist. The universe is just waiting to see which one you choose this time. And when the game is over, whether you win, lose, or draw, the universe will say, ‘Want to play again?’”

If we are able to take in and live consciously in the realization of this wider, grander backdrop of what life really IS, then there is no such thing as a shackle of limit or a boundary that can contain us. ALL options are real and available right now. ALL possible versions of life have their predetermined destination. It’s ALL up to how you choose in this moment.

And the best news is that God assures us that whatever choice we make, we absolutely get to experience it—guaranteed! Remember, this precise opportunity has already taken place. The future is truly now, and you can have ANY future, attests God, your heart desires. It’s ALL your choice!


Since you are infinite consciousness, you embody
within yourself all that exists—you include
the entire universe within your being.
…All that exists lives within your consciousness.
Joel S. Goldsmith

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1. Neale Donald Walsch. 1998. Conversations With God: an uncommon dialogue. book 3. Hampton Roads Publishing Company.

2. Ibid. Page 107-108.

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