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You cannot give me peace or make me peaceful.
I cannot give you peace or make you peaceful.
Peace is something we choose to give ourselves.
Love is the same.

So many of us have inner, subconscious blockages that relate to a lack of self-acceptance and self-love. Feeling our self to be lesser than, not good enough, or in some way imperfect creates tremendous emotional pain, unhappiness, frustration and repressed anger, and endless patterns of self-defeating, self-destructive behaviors. Miserable, tattered, and ruined lives are not uncommon.

Considered from the physical level, these recurring episodes are often due to an imbalance in the brain or a physiological disorder. On the emotional level, fear is the culprit that drives the cycle of self-rejection and self-abuse in its mildest and cruelest forms. Seen from the higher level of Spirit, every thing—every thing—that is occurring during our lifetime has been perfectly intended and orchestrated by our Soul for our evolutionary growth, for our utmost good. Our Higher Self knows the full truth: whatever we are experiencing in the moment we ourselves have first created, at some level. We have placed it square in our Path. Though the outer appearance can look like “stuff” and “life” are coming at us, we are in fact the creator—the cause—and thus responsible for any and all results. Soul-wise, we cannot ever be other than in this moment’s precise and perfect: place, relationships, circumstances, work, and events.


On Monday, all over the world, time stood still as each of us learned the tragic news of Robin William’s passing. His suicide has left us all in reeling shock and devastation—without words to describe the horrific loss of his gifted genius to inspire and make us laugh. He was indeed a BIG and well-loved player on the stage of life! Though his chronic alcohol and drug abuse is widely known, it is hard to comprehend that one so outwardly talented, having “it all” in the material sense, would find himself in such an unfathomable, dark abyss of depression that he came to the end of his emotional endurance to rise again. Unfortunately, he felt only one choice was left.

Astrologer Donna Cunningham believes Robin suffered from bipolar disorder (a manic depressive), which explains both his “wildly manic comedy” and the life-long struggle with recurring episodes of “deep, bleak depression.”1 She explains, from her years of work in mental health settings and witnessing “non-medicated manic people in action,” that “bipolar people can swing between the two extremes, and for some of them, the higher the high, the lower the low.” Her intuitive sense tells her “he just got too worn down by a lifetime struggle to pull himself out of a soul-crushing, recurring depression.”

From an astrological perspective, Williams had been undergoing some significant planetary transits to his natal chart over the last year, which would have intensified any internal dis-harmony and activated his unresolved demons. Central among these is the long-term transformative “square” aspect of transiting Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn that ignited his nearly exact natal conjunction of Mars and Uranus in Cancer in the 8th house of crisis and sudden extremes, a placement that can indicate an unexpected death when it occurs. The 8th house is also associated with what is hidden, lurking beneath the surface.

Natal Mars in William’s chart is a highly pivotal planet, due to its being the traditional ruler of the Scorpio Ascendant. And the headstrong Mars/Uranus conjunction can signify self-will and willfulness, a struggle for survival, the inclination toward hasty and premature acts, as well as a sudden application of effort that results in an injury or accident.2 The forceful power of the long-series of oppositions made by transiting Pluto to this incendiary pair was a potential powder keg ready to blow, resulting not in an act of outer violence but one he acted out upon his self. His inner darkness enveloped him. He succumbed.

There were a number of potential “triggers” that could account for the build up and plunge into the depth of his despair and may have set off the actual suicidal event, such as transiting Mars in Scorpio applying to his natal Scorpio Ascendant on the day of his death. Note it also activated the natal Mars/Uranus conjunction, compounding all things “Mars!”

Transiting Saturn in Scorpio likely played a fundamental part. As an archetypal energy of separation and mortality, Saturn has the power to heighten one’s sense of isolation and melancholia. For several months, transiting Saturn (moving back and forth between 17º and 23º Scorpio) in the most important 1st house had been stirring the waters of “selfhood,” ideally meant to be a “new beginning of internal growth” and the forcing of issues heretofore unresolved, as Robert Hand put it. The 1st house represents the physical body itself, and transiting Saturn here can augment the feeling of wanting to withdraw, loneliness, low reserves of energy to cope with daily life, and extreme tiredness. Since the end of last year, transiting Saturn has also been making hard, depressing aspects to the Leo Midheaven/Mercury/Pluto conjunction—a draining combination that may have simply dimmed his will to carry on another step, moving him to that terrible place of extinguishing his spark of life.

In the deep darkness of grief and pain,
I found the angel of Light again.
She wore no lovely garment of white
But was garbed in robes as deep as night.
I saw in her arms no flower fair,
Instead, a crucifix nestled there.
She didn’t walk with joyous tread
Or offer me relief from dread.
But I felt her peace and her quiet power
And knew in that night of awe filled hour
She was the angel of Eternal Dawn.
Lifting her hood I saw her face
And knew the glory that hid her grace.
From earth blinded eyes too dim to see
That only through her, could we ever go free!
Isabel M. Hickey, master astrologer

Given the deeply sad picture of his probable last hours, no one can know what the soul of Robin Williams intended in the circumstances wherein he left this life, according to his soul’s timetable. Who could possibly criticize, judge, or condemn him for what, on the Spiritual level, was perfect for his Soul and expansion of consciousness? How can we have anything but the greatest compassion and love for one who gave such a valiant effort to a struggle he endured to 63 years?

We can, as One Worldwide Community and individually, talk quietly within our own heart to the soul of Robin Williams, and offer our gentle, caring respect. Share from your heart, as though he is sitting by your side now. Tell Robin what you would most like him to take with him on the next leg of his Soul’s Journey. We can envelope him in our individual and collective Love, and ask him to walk into the grace of Divine Light that forever opens Its arms to him—a beautiful, radiant soul come Home. Maybe now, like Princess Diana discovered when she crossed over into the inner world, he can truly comprehend how many lives and hearts he touched with uproarious laughter, enormous joy, and simpatico tears of understanding for our shared humanity in transcending fear and choosing love.


Inner strength, inner joy, inner Light
are the true and lasting value.
Everything else is ephemeral.

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2. Reinhold Ebertin. 1972. The Combination of Stellar Influences. American Federation of Astrologers, Inc.

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  1. Zane has taken a sad time and brought love to that time. We each can follow her suggestion and chose love. Thank you for your loving thoughts. Linda

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