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For more than 22 years, we have had the privilege and honor to live next door to the majestic matriarch tree of the neighborhood—an 85-year-old black walnut. She is more than magnificent in her towering height, her graceful beauty, her sheltering arms for a multiplicity of birds and gray squirrels. She has provided abundant, annual crops of walnuts for the animals and afternoon shade for our home during the hottest days of summer. As a supreme and loving presence, she’s an anchor of stability. Her aura of strength infuses me with a joyful appreciation for the infinitesimal to largest aspects of my natural environs, each with its irreplaceable position in life’s tapestry.

I have noticed, over the last few days, how her tallest branches reach straight upward toward the sky, as if her limbs are raised high in constant prayer to the Great Spirit. She prays, quietly emanating love. Her nature is that of an unconditional giver to Life.


In the perpetual cycles of life, all things have their appointed time. One cycle gives way to the next. The wondrous spirit of our beloved walnut tree has passed through the veil. Her only awareness is of the continuity of life, of the love and gratitude she has already taken with her to the lush meadow she now inhabits in the higher realm of Light. Her contented glow is brighter than ever, serving the birds and animals without interruption—her generous legacy intact. She has no sense of the absence of those of us who treasure her.

Her corporeal body is a rare and sacred entity. The enormous trunk, in its entirety of 22,000 pounds, will be escorted to Portland this very afternoon. Not surprisingly, the #22 is a Master number, which relates to dimensions beyond this material plane! One future day, her impressive trunk will serve again as yet another priceless work of art. Respected and preserved in its whole form, this creation will bless the new location and people. Her gift lives on.

While the tree that prays is gone from our mortal sight, inwardly, with eyes of spirit, she is as visibly radiant and near as ever. My heart feels less bereft.

Marked by the current planetary alignments as a time of major shifts on both the personal and collective scales, the physical loss of our matriarch tree is a tear-filled, heart-wrenching adjustment for me. It’s a momentous closure and new opportunity, a dramatic symbol of life’s outer and inner landscapes as continuous outpourings of novel forms and their release back into a subtler sphere of life.

In moments of sheer resistance to the present changes over which I have no power, I’ve caused myself much stress and grief. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change….” In the contrasting place of acceptance, I allow the process of life to simply be what it is—stages of energy that first move outward, stabilizing into temporary forms, and then returning to their spiritual origin. It is pure energy in constant motion and perfect expression for its time and place. Rest assured, the Creator IS creating infinitely.


On a relevant note, one of the Bach flower essences is walnut. Energetically, its gift is to assist during times when the foundation of life is unsettled and rearranging into the next, evolving phase. Thus, walnut’s purpose is to ease the way through major periods of alteration and transition to new circumstances. Known as a general “link breaker,” the walnut essence also helps us to separate from and finally be done with past conditions, outlived decisions, painful associations, and limiting restrictions. Walnut cleanses and clears our overall vibration so that we can make crucial decisions to stride through a portal toward a brand new path, one that opens as needed. Freed from impeding, external influences, hearing our own soul note at last, our spiritual purpose calls. Walnut is a powerfully useful flower essence for these demanding times!

Walk tall as the trees, live strong as the mountains,
be gentle as the spring winds, keep the warmth
of the summer sun in your heart and
the great spirit will always be with you.
Native American proverb

Of all man’s works of art, a cathedral is greatest.
A vast and majestic tree is greater than that.
Henry Ward Beecher

For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider,
every green tree is far more glorious
than if it were made of gold and silver.
Martin Luther

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