Posted by: Zane Maser | September 14, 2014


Every cell is a part of the Whole
and never apart from the Whole.
A single cell is pure, creative Potential.
Your origin is from that Perfect Cell.

Over the past year and beyond, we have been simplifying our life, diet, home, and garden. Less in the material realm is truly increased freedom. Less, for us, is more and more genuine wealth. The result is greater harmonization—and thus additional room for spiritualization. The overall energy of our life is flowing more gently, smoothly, and within those streamlined, feminine curves. On the feeling level, there is a qualitative shift toward expansiveness and heightened joy. Each little shift, each little rearrangement toward enhanced—simple—beauty is a feng shui on all levels of our life. Words cannot convey the essence of feeling at peace in harmony.

Perhaps we are more fully accessing what Deepak Chopra describes as “The Law of Least Effort”—living tranquilly in the infinite flow of Divine Energy, allowing it to quietly guide our days of heart-centered being. This equates to a nervous system that tends to be calm and responsive, rather than in the stress-related, reactive mode that is so prevalent in today’s hyper-driven, competitive world, resulting in a constant alert mode as to what might be the next incoming threat. Sadly, many don’t realize that, in reality, the Universe is balanced and pervaded by a cooperative, giving-and-receiving Energy.


Take, for example, a teaching from the venerated Turkey Vulture, considered a powerful and mystical bird in many cultures. Its scientific name, Carthartes aura, means “golden purifier” or “purifying breeze,” linking it to the symbolic keynotes of purification, death and rebirth, and a new vision.1 In the ancient practice of placing their dead on a raised platform to be consumed by vultures, the Zoroastrians regarded these sacred birds as “precious animals that release the soul from the body.”2

Equipped with a magnificent wingspan, the vulture is a master of The Law of Least Effort. Able to see and take advantage of the air thermals and updrafts that rise from the Earth, a vulture can soar with perfect ease for hours without flapping its wings. This is the power of effortless flight in that they don’t have to expend their own energy. They simply allow the currents of air their natural function of interfering with the pull of gravity, and, in so doing, utilize this infinite supply of free energy. Thus, the vulture does not oppose gravity but rather puts its body in the natural flow of “air” energy to glide with fluid, uplifted grace—masters of the Art and Law of Harmonization.


In the present astrological sky, Mercury is in the balance-seeking sign of Libra (until the 28th). Our minds are naturally inclined toward how we might create greater aesthetical harmony in small and larger ways in our lives. What minor (and major) modification(s) could you make that would result in a huge difference in your overall wellbeing? The Sun moves into airy Libra for a month, at the precise moment when the days and nights are equally harmonized—at the equinoctal turning point on September 22nd. In the northern hemisphere, autumn officially begins; in the southern hemisphere, spring. Splendor unfolds in its own lovely timeliness in both hemispheres.

Innate qualities that are often associated with peace-seeking Libra all revolve around the hub of actively striving toward true inner and outer harmony. A few of these natural inclinations are a refined sense for proportion and symmetry, the pursuit of beauty, fairness, justice, compromise, cooperation, dispassion, and a longing for perfection in both the personal environment and relationships. During the Sun’s annual sojourn through this Venus-ruled sign, there is the cosmic opportunity to actualize a greater level of balance and peace. Like the vulture, riding carefree and effortlessly on the rivers of air high above the Earth, we too can become masters of the Art and Law of Harmonization. It is only a choice, your choice.

The purpose of spiritual unfoldment is to bring harmony
into the whole being so that all planes of consciousness
are harmonized in the one supreme light.
White Eagle

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1. Ted Andrews. 2003. Animal Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small. Llewellyn Publications. Page 203.


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