Posted by: Zane Maser | September 22, 2014


Fortunate you! You have arrived at the most important crossroads of your life. If you choose to embrace this auspicious opportunity, it is a transformational moment. The timing is perfect and powerful because, as a new season commences today (the Sun’s ingress into Libra and the New Moon the 23rd), Pluto also Stations Direct at 11°00′ Capricorn. Pluto, symbolic of a complete overhaul, will slowly-but-surely inch forward again, renovating the landscape. After nearly five months of internally directed work and healing, a new passageway has opened, should you choose to embrace this favorable opportunity. Inward shifts “be”gin to externalize now.


Moreover, according to astrologer Stephanie Austin, the next few days are fortuitous windows, wherein we can more easily access higher dimensions due to “a reduction in the magnetic field of the Earth,” as the Sun aligns with our equator. Because the “equinox and solstice points are energetic gateways and extra-potent times,”1 she suggests we establish any clearly defined intentions we have.

So, in these spiritually heightened days, here’s the ultimate opportunity. First, settle in. Give yourself a little respite. Take the next few minutes to “be”come very quiet inside. Take a few deeper, relaxing breaths, “be”ing aware of the gentle flow of air, in and out, feeling more and more calm and centered. The in-flow is the in-spiration, and the out-flow clears space for a new vision.

Within yourself, sense, feel, or see that you are sitting serenely on a comfortable white bench overlooking a beautiful meadow. A nearby lake catches your eye, while majestic mountain peaks frame the water’s shore. You are entranced by the lake’s azure stillness—its tranquil waters a mirror of peace. Listen to the birds talking. Watch the flower fairies play and dance in joyful merriment. Relaxation spreads throughout your body. Notice that, in your heart, you feel as though you’ve never actually left this familiar place called “Home.”

Resting here, in splendid silence, an obvious sense of “be”ing complete and whole envelops you like a tailor-made cloak. It’s an idyllic fit! It feels marvelous!

You “be”come aware that a GIFT is “be”ing offered to you that has the power and potential to revolutionize the next moment, year, the rest of your earthly lifetime. You get to select ONE quality, ONE way of “be”ing that personifies your true and perfect nature. You get to decide on the precise attribute that summarizes what your timeless identity is.

When you are ready, settle on the feature that you want ascribed as you. Voilà, you automatically receive it. You are it! It’s really yours! Your new course is set. You’ve entered the Passageway of a fresh “Be”ginning. Stride forward with absolute strength, confidence, focus, and joy.

Be who you choose to be—NOW.

Sitting on my own bench a private distance from your bench, the quality I choose is unconditional love. I AM unconditionally loving all the moments of my sojourn on Earth.

And so it is—for both of us.


The Creator’s Constant Care is a generous provider.
What our heart chooses, God grants.
The ultimate Gift is ours.

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1. Stephanie Austin. Libra New Moon — September 23-24. Mountain Astrologer, August/September 2014. Page 107.

Text © by Zane Maser, 2014. Seasonal diagram and photos gratefully used from Wikimedia Commons. The photo of the meadow flowers is attributed to Jonathan Billinger, from the Geograph UK Project. All rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

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