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No doubt some of the most wacky and hilarious, as well as illuminated, comics about the eccentric world of cats—thus Cat-mics or Cat-toons—come from the inspired, dare I say weird, genius of editorial cartoonist, John Deering. His ever-popular comic strip, “Strange Brew,” as well as his political cartoons, remain an eternal gem of quirky wisdom, appearing daily in newspapers worldwide.

Since the age of three, Deering has drawn cartoons, having had the privilege of growing up in “an inspired household, filled with unusual activity.” His father was the Fire Chief/City Comptroller of Little Rock, Arkansas, so the family resided in an apartment at the Fire/Police Station. With no end of excitement due to a continuous stream of fire emergencies, police business, and the local politics of the day, Deering’s innate artistic skill and depth of wit were undoubtedly primed from this rich immersion in life’s highs and lows and the humor of it all.1

Here are three of my very favorite Strange Brew Cat-toons, which I hope I can adequately describe in words (my apologies, when I tried to upload the actual cartoons it would not work due to “security” reasons). But if you can, with your imagination, please get the gist of this high humor and enjoy a good cat laugh with me!

My favorite cat-toon of all is the one where the woman is making something on the kitchen counter, with a cat sitting close to what looks like a salad bowl with its mixings. Two cats are on the floor in attendance, waiting for what is likely their usual goodie treat. Her husband is standing in the doorway with a very dour look due to his wife’s instructions. She says to him, “The cats want you to run to the store and pick up a few things.”

The second cat-toon is the classic one with yet another grumpy looking husband sitting in his comfy chair, one eyebrow and eye raised, surrounded by a cat hanging on over the upper part of the chair and eight other cats on the floor in various poses and cat chores of grooming, sleeping, etc. There is a cat portrait hanging on the living room wall. A joyous wife comes into the room to announce with glee: “We won two free tickets to ‘Cats'”!

Finally, in this hilariously true portrayal, there are four cats taking up nearly all the space on the bed, again in various poses of comfort, with one laying up against the pillow in royal fashion. The man is sleeping on the hard floor—without a blanket or a pillow!!!

We all know WHO RULES in our homes when cats are present!


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