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There is nothing to be, to do, or to seek.
There is no journey to undertake.
There is simply the opportunity to
experience the bliss of the Divine
this very instant,
as an endless instant.

At the moment of waking from sleep every morning, there is something powerfully transformative you can do for yourself. It will put you in the seat of conscious choice, a place wherein you create a quality of life that will exceed anything you have yet experienced.

This qualitative shift will increase the overall harmony and peace—through allowing the flow—of every aspect of your life.

It’s a simple, meaningful practice.1 But, it will require absolute awareness and discipline, in the beginning, in order for the dividends to accrue from this sacrosanct morning ritual—one to be undertaken with joy. It starts with your initial waking moment and prior to taking the first step out of bed.


The practice consists of making a conscious link with the Inner Light so that you become aware—on the level of feeling—of your oneness with Divine Presence as the first thought and realization of the day. This contact with the Living Presence will automatically put you all in one piece, one place—centered in your heart. As a result of this intentional opening and openness, you are, in essence, putting “new wine in a new bottle” for a new day.

Henceforth, to your glad amazement, you will discover that ALL Truth and the fullness of Life are already embodied within your consciousness. Such a splendid recognition will become an ongoing grace, because you have activated your individual line of Light that unites you with the Source (or whatever word best describes Divinity for you).

And the more you “sense” and “feel” the power of this inner connection during the course of the day—in brief (and longer) moments of stillness and serenity, the more you avail yourself for Truth to be consciously unveiled within the silent, Eternal Center of your Being. Each time you turn and tune inward builds a firm and stronger foundation for greater and deeper spiritual unfoldment, as well as spiritual freedom as a living reality. Insightful relevations will stream in and shed light on the meditations of your heart. Answers naturally surface. You will begin to see and hear with different eyes and ears—those “not of this world” but from those already omnipresent as the spiritual essence of your being.


Moreover, you will feel accompanied—automatically relinquishing the perception that you are alone. Divine Energy will precede you to “make the crooked places straight.” By way of divine orchestration, the right people, circumstances, books, assistance, airline flight, job, and movie, for example, will show up in what may appear as miraculous timing. This new life is the consequence of beginning your day aright. You have arisen, centered, in the One Spiritual Presence—the One Heart.

In proportion to your conscious awareness
of the presence of God
is God available in every instance.
Joel S. Goldsmith

[Practicing a] two minutes’ silence is of so great an importance
that we would advocate a like silence every day of your life—
a time when you resolutely withdraw from the outer plane and
enter into the innermost sanctuary of your spirit. Encourage this, my friends, for it is what the world needs even more than church services of praise and worship. The collective power of the people contacting their innermost spirit and opening up from within those spiritual powers, that sensitiveness of the soul, and entering into and becoming aware of the Eternal Presence of the Creator …
This is the supreme need, and what [humanity] must have
if it is to survive.
                  White Eagle, from Angelus, January 1945

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1. This practice was suggested by Joel S. Goldsmith, from Consciousness in Transition, Chapter 1, page 8. This book comprises a collection of lectures Joel gave in 1948 in San Francisco.

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