Posted by: Zane Maser | December 27, 2014


I am the originator of my life.
I am the author of my story.
How the story unfolds is up to me.

The life of the Universe is one immense mass of Energy vibrating at various frequencies. Everything is vibration. The rate of the vibration determines whether the energy is actually seen, in terms of our physical, outer senses on the human level or whether it remains unseen in the spiritual realm. The Great Energy Mysteries of the Universe are countless in their diversity of form and in scales of magnitude.

Yet, what underlies this immeasurable multiplicity is unity. The vibratory resonance of the One begets the one. One and the same. Originator and offspring. Cause and effect intertwined.

So, what if this Universal, Creative Principle, descriptively termed the Greater Consciousness, has existed eternally in its entirety and infinity—without beginning and without a point of completion? It simply IS. Its name is widely known as I AM. Then, whatever is transpiring this moment is the unlimited unfoldment of its everlasting Essence. A singular Essence unfolding that encompasses all. The One Consciousness appearing outwardly.


Even if we drop down to a less grand scale of manifestation, the same Principle applies: separation is impossible. For example, the rays of sunlight are the radiant outpouring of their Star Source. The solution for any difficulty resides within the problem. The product of a beautifully made cake (effect) is inseparable from the quality of its ingredients (cause). If you touch one node or edge of a spider web, the opposite node moves in unison. An apple tree is the perfect expression of the tiny seed that caused its particular form. Seed and tree, tree and seed—one vibratory resonance. An apple seed cannot become a walnut tree, just as my painting with words is the creative, outer demonstration of who I am exactly. Joel Goldsmith once described this perpetual linkage of energy as “coexistent, co-eternal, and of the same substance.”

Right now, as a major energetic changeover is about to occur, we are in the auspicious time of year when we personally and collectively approach the threshold of a New Year. Any birth, on whatever level, is impregnated with its “signature energy.” It is the vibratory template wherein energy “changes into matter,” visibly appearing in the physical world as a duplicate vibration of its origin.


This New Year—2015—is infused with the strong energy of Number Eight, a number associated with level-headed Saturn and the potential for material accomplishment and powerful manifestation. It’s a year to focus on a well-conceived plan, to organize, act wisely, and expect opportunities that will result in tangible gain. The Number Eight is a practical, material vibration, so the causes you set in motion with clarity and purpose may reap a successful harvest of profit and expansion, amplified by Saturn’s recent movement (on December 23) into the best-case scenario sign of Sagittarius.


When the structured approach and grounded discipline of Saturn combines with the expansive bent and magnitude of vision of Sagittarius, dreams can become reality. By allowing the happy-go-lucky vibration of Sagittarius to lift us, astrologer Bil Tierney suggests “the organizational talent of Saturn can make the vibrant idealism of Sagittarius more workable.” Considered the number of divine power, as well as material wealth, Number Eight does indeed carry the vibratory resonance of manifestation. Roll up your sleeves now and consciously, consistently, effectively align and focus your energy to move ahead, so that your place in the world accurately defines who you truly are. Much can be accomplished when you act in the moment!

You are the originator of your life.
You are the author of your story.
How the story unfolds is up to you.

Together, we are the powerful cause of the effects we create.

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