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This is the day to release agi-ta-tion.
This is the day to embrace calma-tion.
This is the day to express jubi-la-tion.
Chris Maser, master of silliness

Collectively, we are in the midst of an unusual and amazing Cosmic pattern that signals the culmination of the old cycle and the invitation to walk new terrain with courage and vision. During the past three months of last year and for the first three months of this year, there has been—and will be—a succession of New Moons that occur at 0 degrees. The New Moons in February and March occur at 29+° (with the latter New Moon also a potent, total solar eclipse). These two lunations are also the start of new signs; and in March, the New Moon occurs on the Vernal Equinox, which ushers in a new season. This series of lunar gateways can indicate completions and the commencement of a fresh cycle of possibilities and growth when a new perspective, tone, or trend may emerge.


On March 16, the seventh and final square off of Uranus and Pluto underscores this major movement toward release, the embrace of life-shifting changes that have already occurred over the past few years, rebirth, and the transformation of our lives. Much space has already been cleared to sow anew and to watch with eager anticipation the germination of the tiny seeds of potential we now plant. It’s a providential time to intend what you intend with conscious awareness. This year—2015—carries the energy of #8, a vibration that helps to manifest our dreams, which again highlights the greater likelihood that what you clearly consent to and focus on can come to fruition.

If there is a fear of falling, the only safety
consists in deliberately jumping.
Carl Jung

A consentful life is all about trueness. It reveals who you really are without persona, pretense, pleasing or placating another, or parceling your self out in activities that are incongruent with your authentic core.

Here’s a useful exercise. When you have a few quiet moments to relax and contemplate, consider doing a scan of the actual makeup of your life and days. Examine honestly all the things, activities, pursuits, relationships, habits, and patterns that you are giving your conscious or unconscious consent to. The whole of all of these disclose what you give your assent, permission, approval, agreement, compliance, and acquiescence to. Centuries ago, Plato described it plainly in his unforgettable words, “your silence gives consent.”

See what really fits for who you are today. What no longer is a match? What part(s) of your life feels like hardbound duty without offering any genuine pleasure? What part(s) of your life do you welcome with enthusiasm, ease, and joy? Is there any thing that you’ve resisted letting go of that you know deep down has outlived its time and purpose in your life? Are you giving your precious time and energy to what is most meaningful, what you can’t imagine living without?

With the astrological impetus of beginning anew available in the upcoming months, the Universe is giving each of us a marvelous moment to pause briefly and realize fully what you are in actuality giving consent to in all the umpteen small and large aspects of your life.

Guided by honest self-assessment, what do you choose to consent to now? When you are freed from the weight of the past and that which you have outgrown, give your new life full focus and feel the song of jubilation in your heart! You have entered into a consentful life!


One can never consent to creep
when one feels an impulse to soar.
Helen Keller

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  1. i enjoyed that post. thanks

    • Thanks, Susan. Have a fabulous year!

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