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Heaven and earth are the same place.
Earth is our mortal concept of heaven.
Heaven is our real awareness of the earth.
…heaven is the earth correctly understood.
Joel S. Goldsmith, Consciousness is Transition


Throughout the ages, across many cultures, mystical teachings have revealed a secret of all secrets. This Truth, stated in various ways, embodies the seamless interface between “as above in Heaven; so below on earth.” A six-pointed star, with its equal triangles pointing downward and upward, is a perfect symbol for this all-inclusive Realm where here and there do not exist separately; instead, life interpenetrates. In this higher sense, we have no astrological stars or birth chart to transcend. Our true identity and inborn nature have been and are spiritual. Heaven’s domain is within and without—this instant.

When we get beyond and behind the human scene, when the curtain (the so-called “veil”) is drawn back, we glimpse the magnificence of the “divine play” happening. Each of us is an individual artist in this creative, perpetual show, what astrologer Isabelle Pagan described as “God fulfilling Himself not in one way alone, but in many.” This play is, in actuality, the spiritual flow of life that carries us along with perfect ease and grace when we put ourselves in harmony with it.

I look outward and only see Heaven—the One Life
appearing in the form of all life.

For a few moments, let your self rest, really rest and relax, as much as you can. Slowly begin to ponder about and become deeply immersed in the uni-dimension of One-ness. In this breathing space, agree to let all matters of non-importance disappear, reducing distractions, narrowing your focus, opening wide your internal receptors. Notice any superfluous thoughts and permit them to drift through your mind without any resistance, like a gentle cloud floating by. Feel comfortable in the quieting peace that envelops you.

It’s okay for your mind and body to be as still as possible in whatever measure of silence takes place. Our “essential being is inward, invisible, spiritual, and as such it derives its life and strength, from within, not from without,” as James Allen reminds us.

With your spiritual senses heightened, feel that Heaven has come to the forefront, as few thoughts now ripple the surface of your awakened consciousness. All personal and mental exertion has dissolved in this timelessness—the place of natural renewal. An effortless state has arisen—clear, pure, divine. In this reflective condition, a realization comes that there IS only One Ultimate Reality. Heaven IS all there is—“the unchanging and unchangeable beyond appearances.”

Seek only the presence of Heaven within.
Tapping into the Source.
An unlimited supply, for all purposes,
will stream in as daily provision.


Again, take a few more tranquil moments to absorb your experience of Heaven into every cell of your being. You now know what this infinite ocean of serenity and harmony feels like! Acknowledge that you and everything else are already patterned from Divine Origins—thus fully complete and boundless, loved and sustained. As many times a day as you choose, allow Heaven to pervade your waking Reality. Thus, Earth IS Heaven.

Take this spiritual revelation and apply it to all aspects of your outer life. Given the Universal Truth that Heaven is Earth, what does this mean to you personally? How would it transform your life? In terms of global ramifications, how would the face of the earth change? What would it be like for humanity to live in a continuous state of unison and accord with one another and with all life? Would it even be imaginable or possible to experience lack, limitation, discontent, unhappiness, disease, strife, or war?

If we all looked out upon each other, the animals, the land, and resources of Earth through the eyes and senses of Spirit, our beautiful planet would be instantly Heaven-ized! The one reflects the other—perfectly!

When the teacher of God has reached the stage of real peace,
“here is Heaven’s state fully reflected. From here,
the way to Heaven is open and easy. In fact,
it is here. Who would ‘go’ anywhere, if peace of mind
is already complete? And who would seek to change
tranquility for something more desirable?
What could be more desirable than this?”
A Course in Miracles, Volume Three, Manual for Teachers, page 10


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