Posted by: Zane Maser | March 16, 2015


Internal freedom heralds external freedom.

Collectively, since 2011, we have been in the midst of an unusually powerful and liberating Cosmic pattern that signals the culmination of the old cycle and the invitation to walk new terrain with courage and vision. Two planetary giants—Uranus, the rule-breaking God of radical shifts, and Pluto, the God that instigates endings and reconstruction—are center stage in the ring.

Much of the outer world has been shaken to its very core in way one or another, on one level or another, and will continue to be so over the next few years, though likely to a lesser degree, as these potent energies disperse, their work accomplished for now. Many of our lives have also been rattled in one way(s) or another, inwardly and outwardly, and thus significantly disrupted. Resistance proved to be futile and would have only heightened the amount of suffering. What was meant to move on, moved on. New meaning and trajectories have come to the fore.

Moreover, many of us have had—and are having—intense personal encounters with the “the dark night of the soul.” In the past few weeks, two friends have lost a sibling, a cousin was suddenly presented with unexpected divorce papers, a shocking surprise; another friend with two young children is facing a hostile divorce from her partner; and another single friend, whose baby is due in mid May, lost her steady job. The lives of many individuals remain in significant flux, change, and uncertainty—the previous chapter of life has closed and the first words of the next chapter are still somewhat vague. As challenging as it has been, the way is being cleared for new ground, new vistas, renewed life, greater consciousness.

In the sky today, the seventh and final square-off of Uranus and Pluto culminates. This last exact encounter provides a welcome moment to consider how much we have undergone in terms of major movements toward relinquishment, the embrace of life-shifting changes that have already occurred over the past few years (and ones yet to occur), of rebirth, and the transformation of the landscape of our lives. I have frequently heard the refrain, “life feels very different now!” and/or “time feels very different to me!”

Regardless of the outer appearance of continued chaos, humanity has arrived at an exhilarating juncture in its larger cycle. What is gone is gone. Beautiful, empty space is available for us to shape according to the creative choices we now make with aliveness and authentic expression. Eckhart Tolle, in a recent talk, confirms that a definite “shift in consciousness is transpiring.” He suggests that the nightly news is not the greatest news, but rather the “evolutionary leap humanity is now taking,” which is occurring underneath many people’s radar. Further, as the metamorphosis continues, Eckhart attests there is the “arising of a different human species.” Uranus and Pluto have been our loyal partners in this accelerating Divine Evolution. Thank you, Great Spirit, for the Plan unfolding in perfect timing!

As reincarnating souls who were given free will and free choice, let us realize the immense privilege and honor we chose “to be here now” in a physical body so that we can be full participants in this worldwide awakening. At this pivotal time, the contributions of spirit we each make—today and every moment forward—add up to that continuing enlightenment of individual and Global Consciousness. Shall we walk the Higher Path as “One Body,” hand in hand, heart to heart, all of the same illumined Spirit?

We are entering a new life—a new way
of thinking, a new way of acting,
a complete turnabout. We are walking
on virgin soil which has never been
trod on this Earth. We are pioneers of
the soul, leading humanity back to God.
Hilda Charlton, spiritual master


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