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“So simple is the earth we tread, So quick with love and life
her frame; Ten thousand years have dawned and fled,
and still her magic is the same.”
Stopford A. Brooke, The Earth and Man

Some would say it’s far more appealing to plant than to be planted in the ground—for good, that is. Particularly if a person holds the belief that we are only given this lifetime! Rather, let us gird up our loins to go on to more sun-filled days ahead and rejoice in the tasks of this day! One of my favorite activities, truly a joy of my heart, is to be out in our garden surrounded by the pulse of life in its most vibrant, beautiful state. There is something calmly restorative about having my hands in the soil. Earth tends to slow us down and open our appreciation for the physical world that enfolds and sustains us. To me, each grain of sacred soil is a tiny, living particle of Divine Manifestation.

Every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on
a thousand hills. I know every bird in the mountains,
and the creatures of the field are mine.
Psalms 50:10-11


The astrological element of Earth is one that is naturally familiar to me. By birth, both of my parents had their Sun signs in a matter-of-fact Earth sign. My dad had Sun in serene Taurus; mom’s was in happily-busy Virgo. And my sister has the Moon in level-headed Capricorn. In my natal chart, I have an Earth sign that is rising (the Ascendant) and another at the Midheaven (the highest point of culmination in the birth chart). Quite fortunately, expansive Jupiter in an Earth sign is at the prominent Midheaven (also known as the cusp of the 10th house). Jupiter is one of astrology’s “lucky charms,” the other being Venus. With Earth signs on two of the most significant angles of my chart, I have an inborn love of soil and the garden from the deepest essence of my being!


Though there are a number of words that keenly describe the Element of Earth, such as steadfast, determined, deliberate, patient, and useful, a central word for the Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn is practicality through an inherent common sense. Individuals with these signs emphasized in their chart are well able to dig in their heels and out-wait others! They are the true masters of diligence and shrewd rootedness! With a strong keynote of realism, Earth is the arena where the material world of solidity, production, survival, accumulation, and advancement are paramount. Building tangible, endurable structures and being prepared for eventualities are generally the forte of the conservative Earth signs. It’s not surprising that the perfect cube is the platonic solid that is linked with the Earth element.

You yourself are the temple within the city of God;
you are yourself the perfect cube perfected through
experience and perhaps thought suffering, but at all events
through your human relationships. Through life after life
all your excrescences are smoothed away until you become the
perfect lodge or temple for the indwelling Christ.
White Eagle, The Light Bringer

The Earth element relates to the domain of the here and now, of creating order and harmony in practical life through the pursuit of material security and possessions, physical pleasures, intellectual accomplishments, and the achievement through one’s “chosen role” of social position and power. Flights of fantasy and risky propositions tend not be the innate style of Earth, as these individuals much prefer a steady continuity of effort that brings gradual, tangible gains, for they are the archetypal “methodical doers” of the zodiac. With a traditional leaning, they tend to need to ponder things carefully and literally, building a sense of solid footing before going forward in their decisions and choices.


The spiritual teacher, White Eagle, describes this as, “feet firmly planted upon the road of earth.” To me, “feet firmly planted” means both learning to be masterfully on earth in the security of day-to-day life and routines and yet not being of earth—potentially the greatest spiritual challenge for those with their Sun in an Earth sign or a preponderance of the element of Earth in their chart. This is the age-old archetypal struggle of the parting of the ways in that one cannot simultaneously serve two masters. One must choose at the fork of the road and then vow to keep the promise to one’s self. With too much down-to-earthiness or attachment to outer forms, a person can thus become obstinate, congested, clogged, or resistant to endeavors beyond simply material comforts.

Earth, which signifies the “melancholic” temperament, represents sensation and the physical body. In Jungian typology, it is the “sensation” type or the world of the five outer senses. This element is also considered to be dry, warm, and heavy—the one that tends to hold in energy and create stamina. With Earth emphasized, the challenge can be too great a reliance on external things and life as they either are or appear to be, which stifles the imagination, spontaneity, and unencumbered living. It can also manifest as a tendency to be so much focused on form in general (“the concretization of matter,” as Judith Hill describes it) and the longevity of the body in particular that the individual is unaware and thus unable to perceive the reality and value of spiritual concepts and the inner life of Spirit, as well as the Higher Wisdom. As a result, the body (Taurus) must learn to serve well the mind (Virgo) in order to direct one’s energies wisely into disciplined ambitions and ultimately to success in one’s chosen profession (Capricorn).

In the teachings of White Eagle, the spiritual lesson indicated with the Sun in an Earth sign is that of service. A person born with the Sun in an Earth sign in this lifetime has the opportunity to gain mastery of the physical life and thus, by not becoming too preoccupied or bogged down in it, can eventually achieve precision and perfection on the physical plane of life. In terms of what are called the soul initiations, Earth is the final one wherein perfect use of energy and self-mastery must be attained.

What fascinates me about the Element of Earth is a seeming paradox in its actual purpose and function, perhaps best described as the finite and infinite. For me, this alludes to the razor’s edge depicted by an emphasis of Earth in a person’s natal chart. On the one hand, we are meant to ground ourselves firmly and fully in the lowest arc of the physical plane of being so that the body and matter become glorified and hence serve spirit—rather than matter impinging on or imprisoning spirit. On the other hand, because the Earth initiation is ultimately the last and greatest of the initiations, earthly life is the necessary training ground for our returning Home in full consciousness of our at-one-ment with the Divine and all life. Home, sweet Home….

On the evolutionary ascent, it seems we cannot re-member Heaven without thoroughly getting our hands, feet and whole being “em-bodied” in Earth in order to raise all our intentions and purpose to the eternal level of Divine Spirit. All the gifts and lessons of growth previously learned while undergoing initiations in the Elements of Air, Fire, and Water (not necessarily taken in sequential fashion) are meant to be used in the final mastery of material life—that of selfless service. We learn the true understanding and full measure of “as above, so below; as below, so above.” As within, so without; as without, so within.

All the superabundance of what we have earned and received is selflessly given in the final liberation of spiritualizing matter. Moreover, we have attained to the highest state of pure Self-realization.

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Text © by Zane Maser, 2015. Photo of the green grass and trees gratefully used from Wikimedia Commons; attributed to M J Richardson of the Geograph Project, UK. The final photo is from the same project, attributed to Pauline Eccles. The cube and “fork-of-the-road” photo also used from Wikimedia Commons. All rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

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