Posted by: Zane Maser | June 30, 2015



This season it’s red.
The Stock Market is dropping!
Eggs are good to eat.

What is “yes” today,
tomorrow the fad says “no.”
Keep updated or lose!

Life races by that soon.
Sleep walk and miss big event!
Yet the Cosmos IS.

Feel from your true heart.
Chart the North Star course for you.
Internal compass.

Live freely, boldly.
Guru nods confirmation.
Worms are churning soil.



In remarkable ways over the past week, real strides have manifested in the momentum to attain true freedom of rights for millions of individuals—“electrifying paradigm shifts,” as Jim Sher put it. Astrologically, the signature of Uranus in Aries is evident—both planet and sign indicate individuality and self-realization. Uranus is currently aligning in powerful ways with both Venus and Jupiter in the generous Fire sign of Leo, while the Moon in freedom-loving Sagittarius also joined this liberating, equalizing trio.

Included among these astounding changes that have elevated the collective consciousness have been the taking down of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State House building, as well as a national movement to generally remove this flag; and the two Supreme Court decisions (from an extremely conservative group of judges), one that upholds the Obamacare health-insurance subsidies for millions of people, and secondly, the outstanding ruling that gives national legality to gay marriage across the United States. This is a week that will continue to resound in jubilant, far-reaching ways on Earth and in Heaven!

Look up. Look up and follow the Divine North Star! Its Light guides and shines equally on ALL life.


Always point the needle of your attention toward the
North Pole of spiritual joy. Then no one can
ever disturb your equilibrium.
Paramahansa Yogananda, spiritual Master

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Spiritual Haiku and text © by Zane Maser, 2015. Photos gratefully used from Wikimedia Commons. All rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

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