Posted by: Zane Maser | November 8, 2015


My present emotional state is both
my past and my future.


A number of weeks back, when I was stuck in an old emotional pattern, my dear friend, Linda Saurenman, gave me a marvelous suggestion. As one of the “illumined lights” on our planet and part of the awakening consciousness, Linda has the talent of offering ideas in a most supportive and healing way. She has helped me to gain a greater sense of my sacred wholeness—a gift from her that has multiplied over the years.

On the astrological level, my natal chart indicates a certain inclination toward emotional caution and restraint. Having grown up in a family system where openly expressing my true feelings was not always the safe choice to make, I soon became adept at “burying” emotions to protect my tender, little self and to survive psychologically.

Because every dis-ease is caused by self-rejection,
healing occurs with self-acceptance.
Simone Butler, astrologer

In my natal chart, both the Moon and Venus—the planets associated with the natural flow of feelings, love, nurturance, and a sense of belonging—are linked in a difficult, tense relationship (termed an “aspect”) with Saturn, the Lord who presides over inhibitions and restrictive blockages. As astrologer Laura Tadd put it, “Saturn, in any sign, is typically anything but carefree and childlike,” but Saturn also encourages us to look inside our self to uncover the truth that sets us free. What we gain under Saturn’s disciplined tutelage, we have earned!

With a natal Moon in dispassionate Aquarius, described as the most cerebral and least emotional of the twelve lunar positions, my innate reserve can be a hindrance, at times, that disallows emotional spontaneity and the flood of tears from loss and grief. Moreover, the Moon is associated with how we learn to “mother” not only others but also the sensitive child within our self. We tend to mother as we were mothered.

It seems evident that I came into this lifetime with a resounding soul agenda to clear emotional patterns from the past and to open wide the positive channels of expressive feeling—a richness that allows the full engagement with each moment as it arises just as it is.

So, here’s the idea Linda shared. It’s a practice that pays honor to our feelings, especially those that are the most painful, deeply entrenched ones as they bravely come up out of hiding and are welcomed into the light of acknowledgment.

To illustrate, my long-time friend and walking partner recently moved with her husband to another city. Her living only a block away had given me a consistent comfort that she’d always be there to get together at planned times and in the spur of the moment. I felt this outward “loss” acutely, and a stream of emotions have surfaced.


Linda counsels: “Validate the love and happy connection I feel with Carol. Validate what I’ve already ‘lost and feel lost about’ and when I am ready, then fill a balloon with my sadness. Release it with respect and honor.” I am to let it rise from my heart and go up, up out of sight into the healing Radiance of the Sun. In loving confirmation, I have given voice to my true, sometimes raw feelings and released them so that the emotional river can flow with ease, gentle strength, and authenticity.

With every such balloon of feeling we release, we gain greater clarity and freedom. We become more integrated, more real, more loving, more light-filled and joyous. Feel how every balloon each of us sends skyward contributes, without a doubt, to the increased illumination and awakening of our entire planet.


“When the necessary work of bonding to [the highest] self,
has been completed, the regeneration of a new, trustworthy
and even friendly matrix takes place. The individual feels subjectively safe. He is emotionally connected and experiences
no separation, no splitting or fragmentation. He doesn’t feel isolated, separate or alone because—in a real way—he is
connected, bonded, safe, “at-one-with,” at home. The Indian
guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, calls this feeling “mother is
at home.” Any and every emotionally healthy, whole person
has this subjective sense and is an integrator—able to fuse
the opposites of his personality (and resolve outer splits
and seeming contradictions) into a unified whole. He is able
to do this because he has done it within himself.”
   Marsha Sinetar, “Ordinary People as Monks and Mystics,” pages 160-1


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a “Great Seer” and spiritual teacher

Read more of Linda’s loving guidance from her book, “Patterns of Oneness”:

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  1. Zane, you have hit upon an important part of how our lives work. Our emotions are indeed coming from our past experiences and beliefs, and they are shaping our future. It is in the present moment that we can change our emotional response and change our lives! Thanks for the reminder!

    • Thanks, dear Linda, for those additional thoughts. Very helpful, as usual. Bless you always,

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