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All true religions are wonderful and all true
spiritual teachings are paths to God and
no one religion and no one teaching is
more “right” than another. There is more
than one way to the mountaintop.
Words spoken by God to Neale Donald Walsch,
in the book Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends

pyramid crystal2

This beautiful pyramidal crystal is both a simple and excellent illustration of perspectives. If you look at one side of its four sides, you see a single face—a particular perspective. Viewing this one side, while the other sides are out of your point of view or beyond your position, you may think or believe this is the only side of life and the only valid perception. From your standpoint, it may represent your “one way” worldview, forming your attitude and outlook.

Then again, if you happen to see the crystal as two sides join, you see yet another perspective or facet. There are more approaches than a single view. In fact, the two sides are inseparable and harmoniously co-existent with one another as a whole. It takes four sides to form this pyramid, as all sides blend and mutually depend on the others.

So, is one side more beautiful than another? Does one side have a clearer, truer perspective than the others? Is one side superior or inferior to the others? Which side is right? Which side is wrong? Which side is your favorite?

pyramid crystal1

Let’s consider the dazzling colors. In each photo, the colors show up in various ways, depending on the angle and how the light refracts into different wavelengths. In each photo, the colors come together to form one gorgeous jewel of light, reflecting back to us in a unique, stunning manner. What you see may not be exactly what I see, perhaps in part due to your angle being infinitesimally different than mine. Your lens filters your perceptions as does mine.

The following ideas present a particular perspective. See and feel how they may or may not resonate with you. They signify a distinct worldview, just one of the many ways to the mountaintop—Paths that are ALL sacred in their own right.

A universal Spirit, a universal Life pervades all form.

Every atom of life is holy.
Divine Being adores every atom.

Love is the only reality—all that is real.

Divinity appears in a multiplicity of forms,
varieties, perspectives.

Given the equality of divine origin, each form
represents its own capacities or potentialities
of infinite expression.

The interior Light in one is the same light
within all universal life. This is the spiritual
baseline—the nature and center of true being.

The degree of Light that I allow to shine through
creates all that appears in my world. In reality,
I am the creator that shapes my personal universe.

Our life, then, is the effect of our consciousness.

It is impossible to be separated from this Supreme
Light and grace. That said, we have the power
to make choices that result in the illusion that
we have a selfhood apart from Spirit.
To recognize this error is to correct it.

Only I give my consent to what becomes the
unhappiness or joy, the emptiness or fulfillment
of the entirety of my life. My inner experience
is the key to self-mastery.

What plays out in my life is the perfect happening
at the perfect time and place, with those who
are my perfect partners. This willingness is surrender,
which is acceptance. And acceptance equates to love.

In our loving, we love Divinity’s Presence
in all the multiplicity of forms.

If all reality flows forth from Divine Source,
then what do we possibly need to heal, change,
overcome, improve, wait for, or attain?

All our needs are provided, providing we open
and allow the inner flow of Divine grace to appear
as the required resource at the moment.

Silence is the greatest power.

Truth is accessed only in quiet stillness
within the center of our Self.

There is a spiritual point—of eternal life—in us
that transcends our physical being. It is the place
wherein we are never alone. Here, we experience
the unity of Light.


Everything is as it appears. And appearances are
based on perceptions. And perceptions are based
on perspectives, and perspectives are not objective.
They are subjective. They are not something that you
experience; they are something that you choose.
Words spoken by God to Neale Donald Walsch,
in the book Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends

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