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Among the body of Heavenly Truths that convey pure wisdom, consider this pearl: “The invisible part of our being, our life is the source of the visible.” This thought is stated as clearly as it gets. Moreover, it’s an excellent gateway into the deepest moments of contemplation.

What transpires within our consciousness is the inner creative power that manifests outwardly. The entirety of what “my” world, “your” world looks like resides within our own grasp and choice. It cannot be found without, even though countless, medieval and modern-day knights and adventurous ladies have searched the world over for the Holy Grail. When they return home exhausted, despondent, and penniless, the Grail Cup is clearly sparkling within the premises of their own garden, tucked away quietly but always within their immediate reach. How, then, could the Divine Cup be missed?

Indeed, the Spiritual Quest is the most arduous, lonely Path of all possible walkways. And it is the only Path that eventually leads to Self-Mastery—to the realization of the Cup, overflowing with its radiant Light, secreted within our own heart.

The British philosopher, James Allen, was a wayshower who valiantly walked the meditative Path—apart from the noisy, bustling, falsely guided, forever clamoring, and desire-filled crowd of humanity. As a priceless gift from his journey of self-conquest and serenity, he has bequeathed to those of us who follow signposts that can illuminate our every footstep toward the pure atmosphere of the Highest Mountain view. Here is one of his counsels:

The Heavenly-hearted are without sorrow and suffering
because they are without sin. What the worldly-minded
call troubles they regard as pleasant tasks of Love and
Wisdom. Troubles belong to hell; they do not enter Heaven.

This is so simple it should not appear strange. If you have
a trouble, it is in your own mind, and nowhere else. You make
it; it is not made for you. It is not in your task; it is not in that outward thing. You are its creator, and it derives its life from
you only. Look upon all your difficulties as lessons to be
learned, as aids to spiritual growth, and lo! they are difficulties
no longer! This is one of the pathways up to Heaven.


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1. James Allen. 2004. The Wisdom of James Allen III. Quote used is from The Heavenly Life, page 356.


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