Posted by: Zane Maser | March 11, 2016



As you give, so will you get.
What I give to you, I get to receive
as my return package.
I sent it out already self-addressed.

It’s like a Circle
that contains all of Creation.
One Divine Being encompasses all of us.
One Divine Self is you—and me.
We are the same divinity expressing individually.
What I do to you, I also do to myself
in the same, precise measure.
We are the gift we give that returns to its origin.

An underlying Law operates.
You set this spiritual Law of Action and Reaction
in motion with every thought,
word, deed, and thus in what your
outer life demonstrates, as do I.

The Law of Equitable Adjustment operates
in secret, moment by moment,
in darkness and light,
openly and out of view behind closed doors.
The exact reward is forthcoming.

The Law functions as complete justice—
as we walk the high road,
as we walk the low road.
The source of individual power resides
within our every choice.

The one certainty is I get to meet
my self—or my Self.
My energy signature goes out automatically
in each moment of personal creation,
no matter what form of energy I am exchanging.
Thus, my world is self-made,
as is yours.

In reality, when I give, I am neither
diminished nor divided.
Rather, I am both increased and multiplied.
I get to meet my self—or my Self,
since whatever I share from my right-hand pocket,
the very same portion fills my left-hand pocket.

It’s no mystery.
It’s the reflexive action of
whatever flows from us.
It doesn’t happen to us.
What we create as consequences exists
and occurs first within us.
One pocketful of love is actually
two pocketfuls of love.
Love returns as love.


Divine Law operates
on the human level of life.
You are the law unto your self,
just as I am the same law unto my self.

Before you send anything out, pause and
reflect about the package that
will inevitably return to your front door,
whether tomorrow, next year,
or in a future incarnation.
Will the contents be filled with
misery or joy, conflict or peace,
heartache or contentment,
a punishing attitude or compassion,
a grimace or a smile?

The spiritual Truth of sowing
and reaping is inexorable.
Once such a principle of Truth is
consciously perceived and understood, then
you will also realize fully it is
YOU who sits in the driver’s seat.
Asleep or awake, this seat is never vacant.


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Poem © by Zane Maser, 2016. Photos gratefully used from Wikimedia Commons. All 2009-2016 rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

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