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Every single act of each one of us makes a difference.
The crucial factor is the level of consciousness from
which we act. As an interconnected Hologram of Universal
Life, what I do affects you and what you do affects me—
and the entire world and beyond. The loving Light radiating
from one heart can cancel out the darkness in the hearts
of ten thousand others. Each of us is that powerful.

From beginning to end, life is a seamless whole. Consider the hologram with its interconnected, interacting Oneness. Some specific thing is tweaked, and everything is simultaneously tweaked.

In a similar vein, there is a singular, spiritual Power that is the creative, animating Energy of the Universe. One Divine Power—the Source of it all—from beginning to end.

One unified Life underlies and functions throughout all life. In reality, therefore, there is no such thing as duality or opposites, because the only state of being that exists is Oneness in all its magnificent, infinite forms and appearances, yet all with the same spiritual origin.

Some would term this originating Source the power of Love, the only creative substance of the Universe. Love is the fabric of Oneness.

Take a few, quiet moments now to contemplate the following story.1 With conscious awareness, absorb its meaning—into your very center. And then realize fully that the fabric of Oneness is your true state of being.

There is an old, old story about a great spiritual teacher
who knocked at the gates of heaven for admission into
paradise. After some time, God came to the door and
inquired, “Who is there? Who knocks?”

To this query, came the confident response, “It is I.”

“Sorry, very sorry. There is no room in heaven. Go away.
You will have to come back some other time.” The good man,
surprised at the rebuff, went away puzzled. After several
years, spent in meditating and pondering over this strange
reception, he returned and knocked again at the gate.
He was met with the same question and gave a similar
response. Once again he was told that there was no room
in heaven; it was completely filled at that time.

In the years that passed, the teacher went deeper and
deeper within himself, meditating and pondering. After a long
period of time had elapsed, he knocked at the gates of heaven
for the third time. Again God asked, “Who is there?”

This time his answer was, “Thou art.”

And the gates opened wide as God said, “Come in. There
never was room for Me and Thee.”


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1. Joel S. Goldsmith. 1991. Practicing the Presence. HarperCollins Publishers. Pages 55-56.


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