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Every moment is a moment of right work—right in front of us—
when we are inwardly connected with our true self.
In every now is the contentment and joy of right work.

Around the wheel of the astrological birth chart, the 6th house is the area of life associated with one’s right work and service—“right” being defined as in allowing and following the guidance of our heart toward our innermost soul inclinations. So many of us tend to think of this huge “work” factor in our life as an external critique, such that it is somehow elevated to a key feature that supposedly defines who we are.

Generally, without fail, the foremost question of curiosity that arises in our mind when we meet someone new: “What do you do for work?” “Oh, I’m a gardener.” “I’m a Reiki practitioner and teacher.” “I’m an astrologer and author . . .or doctor . . . or computer programmer . . .or motivational speaker . . .or professional athlete.” Hearing the response, we tend to make some sort of conscious or unconscious estimation of who we think that person is. In certain cases, our appraisal is absolutely correct! They exude the happy energy of their work!

Some fortunate individuals, like my husband, come into this life knowing their soul-chosen “work.” Chris, at the ripe age of 4, knew he was going to spend his life working with animals and nature in some capacity—and so his life has spun around that central core of “knowing.” He came in with the favorable circumstance of a “leaky membrane” of self-awareness, which endowed him with the natural capacity toward an open, responsiveness to higher impulses of Soul guidance. He came ready to navigate his inborn work map!

In contrast, I, similar to many who search for outer answers, have always had a rather nebulous handle on “what I want to be when I grow up.” My work map is there, too, but maybe not as consciously focused or not as consciously and confidently heeded! Indeed, everyone possesses their own innate talents and propensities, like a set of fingerprints with no two of us exactly alike.

Perhaps the primary factor for a person “called” to a particular work or vocation lies in the realm of just be-ing true. Be-ing is an entirely different arena than “do-ing” or “this is what I do to make a living.” Be-ing is simply to allow, accept, and give our self the right to be the Self we are in any given moment.

In the end, the secret of this be-ing in our rightful work involves touching that quiet center within—in silent listening and receptivity—where our thoughts and body can become relaxed, restful, and peaceful. With daily practice of returning to this innermost sanctuary, the overly active mind has the opportunity to begin to settle down into a lower, slower gear, until there is the possibility to attain actual, brief moments of inward stillness—a soft surrender when our spiritual sensors be-come alert and the inner ear is attentive.

Herein, we are the state of Be-ing. And all the rightful things and situations for us can then flow outward in their own timing.

We have entered the silent place where we realize, deep down, what useful work we chose prior to coming into this current lifetime. Doors will begin to open that usher in the adventures ahead to be in our rightful place, doing work we love, serving in meaningful ways that make a real difference for those we are given the grace to connect with.

Such meditative moments of translucency are the foundation for be-ing a helpful light that Lights the way for others.

We do not find our ideal work searching out there in any
external form, place, or association. Right work is first and
foremost an activity accessed only within our own consciousness.
It is already present within us—waiting to shine forth. When
we consciously recognize it, then our work will express
outwardly in a natural, easy, effortless way—in other words,
it will embrace the “pure” quality that is indicative of the
astrological 6
house of daily work and service.


Jay Moriarity, at age 16, became internationally famous when his wipeout
was caught on film during a “Maverick” wave. The photo made
the cover of Surfer magazine. Jay had the intuitive, guiding
sense that he was put on this Earth for one purpose
and one purpose alone—to be a surfer.

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