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For me, animals and the world of nature are a large part of my daily joy and spiritual wealth. And so with great privilege, I pay a tribute of heart to Katie tiger who passed on this last week.

Since 2012, Katie lived at the WildCat Ridge Sanctuary, located in Scotts Mills, Oregon, where she became a greatly loved resident by all who tended to her care.

The following words were sent out by Cheryl Tuller from WCR Sanctuary in honor of Katie’s life and her transition into the greater, inner Life where she is now radiantly healthy, free, and playing and sleeping to her heart’s content. You go with all of our love, exquisitely perfect Katie.

“Rescue work is a combination of incredible highs and
heartbreaking lows … [last week] we lost our brave and
oh so fierce Katie. We found two years ago that Katie
had kidney failure from blood work we did as a routine exam.
But at nine years old, we never would have imagined it was
something that would take her life just two years later.

Katie was born at Tiger Paws Rescue Center in Ohio,
one of four cubs and the only survivor. Denise Flores
did an amazing job getting her healthy despite the odds
against her and she thrived under Denise’s care. When
Katie came to Wildcat Ridge Sanctuary with Nora [a white
tiger] in 2012, she quickly taught us that it was going
to be her way no matter what! She demanded our respect
and showed us every day that wild means wild! She was
precocious, stubborn, silly, brave, fearless and all tiger!
She loved to play with her enrichment but was all business
at feeding time. We learned very quickly not to look at
her while she was eating because she saw it as a challenge
and would charge the fence letting us know! And we all
loved her just the way she was.

Over the past few months she had days that she wasn’t very
interested in eating, but she was still Katie, chuffing
one minute and charging the next. We continued to monitor
her and when she started losing weight we knew this was
different. Last week she didn’t want to eat anything we
gave her and Dr. Lipanovich was called out to do another
exam. When her blood work came back her values were
through the roof and her disease had gone into full-blown
kidney failure. We had no choice but to let her go, quietly
and peacefully, with the people who loved her by her side.
The loss is difficult to process and we wish we would have
had more time with her, but Katie deserved to be free, and
that’s something we could never give her until now. She is
now free of pain & the confines of a captive life.

Safe travels beautiful girl, you leave many broken hearts behind.”


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Text © by Zane Maser, 2016. Quoted material © WildCat Ridge Sanctuary, 2016. Photos of the tigers gratefully used from Wikimedia Commons. All 2009-2016 rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

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  1. Sad to lose a beautiful creature who becomes our close friend.

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