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The following words describing how “solitude is indispensable” are by James Allan, the British mystic who had attained cosmic consciousness. The great, spiritual legacy he left us is contained in the few books he wrote. These words come from his book, “Byways of Blessedness,” contained within the Chapter Solitude. In the footsteps of James Allan—a sainted one who walked the Way of the Mystic—you will derive the most benefit when you take his words deeply into your heart and there let them permeate your inner being. These periodic moments of quiet contentment are the well of sustainment for the natural process of spiritual unfoldment. Within, your true Self awaits—in blessed moments of stillness and solitude.

“The pure life of the spirit cannot be found, but is lost, in the
life of the senses. The lower desires are ever clamorous for
more, and they afford no rest. The outward world of pleasure,
personal contact, and noisy activities is a sphere of wear and
tear, which necessitates the counterbalancing effect of solitude.

Just as the body requires rest for the recuperation of its forces,
so the spirit requires solitude for the renewal of its energies.
Solitude is as indispensable to spiritual welfare as sleep is to
bodily well-being. And pure thought, or meditation, which is
evoked in solitude, is to the spirit what activity is to the body.

As the body breaks down when deprived of the needful rest
and sleep, so do the spirits of men break down, being deprived
of the necessary silence and solitude. Man, as a spiritual being,
cannot be maintained in strength, uprightness, and peace
except that he periodically withdraw from the outer world of
perishable things and reach inwardly towards the abiding
and imperishable realities.”



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