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      In a spiritual Universe that is free of opposites of expression, like good or bad, there is no possibility whatsoever for the existence of states of consciousness like “dis-harmony” or other similar “dis” states, such as:

Dis-order — Dis-ruption — Dis-turbances
Dis-array — Dis-combobulations — Dis-asters
Dis-cord — Dis-crepancies — Dis-allowances
Dis-repair — Dis-equilibrium — Dis-satisfaction
Dis-comfort — Dis-content — Dis-may — Dis-tress
Dis-quiet — Dis-sonance — Dis-orientation
Dis-ability — Dis-ablement — Dis-ease
Dis-advantage — Dis-parate — Dis-similarities
Dis-putations — Dis-parity — Dis-couragement
Dis-enchantment — Dis-appointment
Dis-heartenment — Dis-illusionment — Dis-belief
Dis-engagement — Dis-allowment — Dis-ownment
Dis-inherit — Dis-enfranchisement — Dis-placements
Dis-connectedness — Dis-jointedness — Dis-location
Dis-like — Dis-paragement — Dis-agreements
Dis-pleasure — Dis-gruntlement — Dis-approval
Dis-dain — Dis-gust — Dis-obedience
Dis-missal — Dis-trust —Dis-honor
Dis-grace — Dis-favor

      In reality, there is only Harmony—a word that encompasses all spiritual qualities—and the existence of a harmonious Universe.


You know why you have to turn off your mind
and listen to your heart? Because otherwise,
you’ll head off in the wrong direction!
Chris Maser, my dearly cherished husband

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My editorial guru and technological wizard is Chris Maser, my stupendous husband.

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