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The Source is the source for every possible need.

Last year, we received an influx of revenue from a source outside of our normal channel of income. It felt like a great, good gift! We were grateful!

This year, we had to have a new roof put on our home. It was a more expensive re-roofing project than would have been normal, because we had to have plywood put on the roof before the new shingles could be nailed down. Though our gutters were in very good shape, we had to have some minor work done on them after the new roof was completed.

Together, these were a large, costly renovation. But, as the Source would have it, knowing our need in advance, it turned out that we paid only a wee bit more than a hundred dollars from our usual account. In essence, this is what our new, lovely roof cost us out of pocket!

If we trust in the presence of the Divine as our Source for all that we may possibly need—when the need arises in the current moment—is there a single thing to fret or be anxious about? If we live by faith, will the crocked place inevitably be made straight for us, as we approach that part of our path?

Yesterday, I saw a homeless man counting the cans and bottles he had collected from the streets, which he put into a couple of large plastic bags. A very cold wind was blowing, and he only had on a flimsy outer jacket. His reddish-looking hands were bare and dirty from counting his treasures.

Out of nowhere, a lady on a bike appeared. She stopped, called “Sir” to the man to get his attention, and then asked if he had a pair of gloves for his hands. He sheepishly replied, “No.” “Would you like this pair of gloves?” she inquired. “Yes, thank you, I sure would.”

And she rode away down the street, disappearing as quickly as she had arrived. Was this kind man’s need known before he even dreamed he might have a warm pair of gloves to wear while he scoured the streets for the coins the recycled cans and bottles would eventually reap?

If you look back over some of the amazing events and experiences in your life, can you recall the magical, mysterious moments when the exact thing, or person, or book, or directions showed up at the precise time of need?

Yes, absolutely, Divinity does work its wonders in perfect ways before we even have a glimmer of the needs that will arise. Trust, trust, and relax…

When we are at one with our true identity,
Spirit joyously smoothes the path in
a beautiful and harmonious manner.


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  1. Such a wonderful reminder! Thanks!!

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