Posted by: Zane Maser | May 11, 2017


If you and I were having a conversation, would
you ever expect that my thoughts might be racing
along on my own internal, merry-go-round of topics
and not be aware of what you are saying to me?

You likely would not.

Do you think I’d be talking over the top of you
without regard to what you are conveying to me?

You likely would not.

I would, to the best of my ability, give you
silent space and the undivided attention you
deserve, the respect, my receptivity.

So, the biggest question on the spiritual path is:
Why, then, would we not give the still, small Voice
the same attentive time, listening, regard, and a quiet
enough mind to receive Its inner words and messages,
Its peace and harmony beyond description?

Indeed, why?

The truth is that the Divinity within is continuously
speaking to us as its means of providing our
sufficiency—in all ways—by the Grace
of our spiritual inheritance.

True, meditative quiet is not an easy state to attain, especially for the conditioned, easily distracted,
scattered, technological mind of today’s hectic world.

Yet, this inward stillness is the single most vital
attention you can give and eventually acquire as a
spiritual asset beyond material value.

There is simply no other way to commune with
and re-unite with our spiritual Being-ness—the real
and eternal identity of each one.

What could be more important than to experience,
know, and realize fully who you truly are—
in moments of deep and silent expectancy?


Mankind is inclined to become so busy with physical
activities performed in connection with his mode of worship
that he is gradually wooed away from his quiet times of
prayer and meditation. …Whenever physical endeavor
is greater than the quiet endeavor within one,
there is imbalance and suffering.
Azrael, Third Book of Azrael

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