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For all of us who share a great and deep love for the Family Felidae—the Cat Family—the following story of little Leo, an F1 Bengal kitten, is an important, heart-lifting, and happily ending story of one whose fate may have turned out quite differently. Fortunately, Leo came into the care of a safe, devoted, loving home at the WildCat Ridge Sanctuary.

It is my supreme joy to introduce you to the beautiful and spirited Leo:

“Leo was born in Ohio at a breeder facility. He is an F1 Bengal kitten. That means his father is an Asian Leopard Cat, and his mother is a domestic cat. Hybrid kittens like Leo sell from
$3000 to over $5000. They are touted as great pets for someone
who wants something exotic looking with the temperament of
a domestic cat. Sadly, this is not true. Breeding and selling hybrid cats is only good for the breeders, who make huge amounts
of money with no regard to the animals they breed and sell.

Leo’s new owner purchased him, and Leo was flown to Seattle.
At nine weeks of age, he weighed less than 2 lbs, was
completely unsocialized, didn’t use a cat box, and wouldn’t
eat. She rushed him to her vet, and he was treated with fluids
and force fed. Despite all of her efforts, she realized that
this was not what she signed up for. When she contacted the
breeder to take him back, that’s when communication stopped.
Frantic, she started looking for options and that’s when
she called WildCat Ridge Sanctuary.

Click here to read what Leo’s owner had to say.

Leo was 13 weeks old when he came to the Sanctuary. He was everything his owner said and more. Our first thought was to introduce him to Stella, one of our domestic kitties to see if
that would help him relax. It worked wonders, and Leo started playing and eating! Soon it was clear that Stella missed being
out with her friends, so what were we going to do? Leo needed
a companion but we had run out of good options. [Here is a short YouTube video of Leo snuggling with Stella.]

Then it came to us, Leo needed a kitten! So we contacted our dear friends at Salem Friends of Felines and adopted a 7-week old kitten who had just come into their rescue! He was perfect! Little Mouse is the same size as Leo and very friendly.

Mouse and Leo have become fast friends, and while Mouse is teaching Leo that people aren’t so bad, Leo is teaching Mouse
how to tussle! We are thrilled to be able to give them both
a lifetime home, and it’s because of our supporters we are able
to make miracles happen. It will be a very long time before Leo
is big enough to go outside with the rest of the cats. We may
even have to build him his very own area but no matter what,
he and Mouse have a lifetime home at WildCat Ridge Sanctuary.”


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Introductory text © by Zane Maser, 2017. The quoted story and photos of Leo, Stella, and Mouse are used by permission from the WildCat Ridge Sanctuary in Scott Mills, Oregon. All 2009-2017 rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

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