Posted by: Zane Maser | May 22, 2017



When I am angry,
stressed, sad, selfish, critical,
I’m miserable.

When I am peaceful,
joyful, helpful, accepting,
I’m relaxed, loving.

No one outwardly
controls my inner climate.
It is self-produced.

I alone send out,
setting effects in motion.

One day, in our growth
the Invisible flows through.


You see the mystery lies in this. Nothing can happen
to you, except it happens through your consciousness.
There’s nothing taking place outside your consciousness,
and if New York is a good city, it’s because your
consciousness has opened itself to that. And if New
York is a bad city, your consciousness has opened
itself to that. … Everything that takes place or happens
in your life has to happen in and through your consciousness.
Joel S. Goldsmith, from his tape “Preparing the Soil for the Spiritual Seed”


Today, May 22, 2017, my dad would have been 99 years
old, so it is to him—with greatest love—that I
dedicate this haiku poem. “For the Love of Dad”
was written to honor his life and light.

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