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Fire, Earth, Air, Water—
all part of the complete Plan.
Rest… in their guidance.

Earthly perceptions
dictate outer sense of life.
Let the deeper call.

The elements are
one in spiritual sense.
One grand Element.

The Light finds the Light.
There are no detached pieces.
You are the whole Life.

Now, now this present eternity is all…



Outside the great Temple of the Sun at Heliopolis,
where Moses was a priest, there stood four great
obelisks representing the four great elements:
fire, earth, air and water. The priests would see
them every time they passed in and out, and
the location of the obelisks at the entry implied
that this knowledge was the portal to
the understanding of God.
From the book “Emmet Fox: The Modern Mystic”


There are four divisions into which human life is classed…
those coming under the earth signs, under air, under
fire, and under water. These influences play upon the
individual in the earth life in order to bring forth the
radiant powers of the spirit. The symbol of the cross
within the circle symbolizes the clear-cut divisions of
earth, air, fire and water under which people are born
during their various incarnations. Although seemingly
separated, the four elements interpenetrate and blend.
There must be this interpenetration of the influences.
Owing to these influences and those of the planets under
which you were born, your soul learns wisdom, love, and
power, the lessons of brotherhood, service, peace, and
love. …all these elements are introduced into life at
different steps on the spiral of evolution, on which
spiral the soul commences at the bottom and travels
in a circular direction onwards and upwards.
White Eagle, from an Inner Teaching



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