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The following are some thoughts on faith shared from a few of the most beloved, pre-eminent luminaries of the past: Joel S. Goldsmith, Paramahansa Yogananda, Padmasambhava (also know as Guru Rinpoche, venerated by many as a ‘second Buddha’), and The Buddha. The Light of their wisdom points the way for those of us who walk in their spiritual footsteps on the mystical Path. Then, in our own small, quiet means we, too, can attain degrees of the same divine Light radiating outward.

Faith is not an understanding of the mind, not an acquired knowledge of truth, not a blind belief, not an ignorant superstition. Faith is an inner, spiritual discernment whereby we behold the Christ and feel, inwardly, that which the world knows not. Spiritual discernment is the ability to see that which is invisible, to hear that which is inaudible, and to know that which is unknowable. The English poet-mystic, Francis Thompson [in his “In No Strange Land”], expresses this truth in the following lines:

O world invisible, we view thee,
O world intangible, we touch thee,
O world unknowable, we know thee,
Inapprehensible, we clutch thee!

Although Jesus had healed and fed and taught multitudes of people throughout his ministry, only five hundred beheld the risen Christ—and that was by an inner knowing, an inner recognition, an inner vision of grace. Even “faith as a grain of mustard seed” is sufficient to move mountains. That faith is attained by being rooted and grounded in love—love for God, love for your neighbor, and love for the indwelling Christ.

Joel S. Goldsmith, The Heart of Mysticism


The Sanskrit word for faith is wonderfully expressive. It is visvas. The common literal rendering, “to breathe easy; have trust; be free from fear,” does not convey the full meaning. Sanskrit svas refers to the motions of breath, implying thereby life and feeling. Vi conveys the meaning of “opposite; without.” That is, he whose breath, life, and feeling are calm, he can have faith born of intuition; it cannot be possessed by persons who are emotionally restless. The cultivation of intuitive calmness requires unfoldment of the inner life. When developed sufficiently, intuition brings immediate comprehension of truth. You can have this marvelous realization. Meditation is the way.

When a man has faith, or a proper depth of determination, he can move mountains, and planets wait at his beck and call to do what he commands them to do. The man of realization and determination finds a new heaven with Spirit as the only environment.

Paramahansa Yogananda, much-loved world teacher
and founder of Self-Realization Fellowship


I am never far from those with faith,
or even from those without it,
though they do not see me. 
 My children will always,
always, be protected by my compassion.
Padmasambhava, also know as Guru Rinpoche,
an 8th century Buddhist Master

Opened are the gates of immortality,
you that have ears to hear, release your faith.
The Buddha

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