Posted by: Zane Maser | February 7, 2018



The more I am oriented in the physical, outer realm,
the more it orients me to the appearances
of time, space, and effect.

The more you live within the fear-bounded little self,
the more constricted and small are you.

The more material concepts matter to me,
the more personal and finite are
the matters that matter.

The more reality you give to pairs of
opposites—fat, thin, young, old,
the more that oppositional forces govern you.

The more I shut others out, for whatever reasons,
the more I shut myself out.

The more you live beyond the confines
of your limited mind,
the more you live out from the
center of your Being.

The more I live my true nature,
the more I am true to my nature.

The more you live in this moment,
the more Presence your presence experiences.

The more I joy in life’s wonderments,
the more love flows from my consciousness.

The more you open out to Infinity’s possibilities,
the more Infinity opens you
out to a limitless universe.

The more perpetual harmony I feel,
the more life’s grace-filled bounties
unfold from within me.

The more Light you exude,
the more you exclude the ego,
and the more the ego is outed.

The more Spirit is my reference point,
the more whatever it is is Spirit.


The soul cannot be confined within man-made boundaries.
Its nationality is Spirit; its country is Omnipresence.
Paramahansa Yogananda, beloved world teacher


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