Posted by: Zane Maser | January 11, 2019



Law of Forgiveness
means that forgive, forgiven
are synonymous.

A weight is put down
both for you and the other.
No longer burdened.

Law of Forgiveness
is release, freedom granted.
Holding chains dissolved.

One more big weight drops
within for one’s own missteps.
Unbind is unbound.



The spiritual effect of forgiveness is that it nullifies
an apparent, external effect and thus elevates us to a
higher consciousness above that of a so-called material
and mental sense of the world. Forgiveness resides in
the realm of Spirit, and it causes a whole different
rippling scenario of effects and consequences—peace of
mind and heart, generosity, gentleness, kindness,
compassion, contentment, and unconditional love.
Forgiveness is a glimpse into the spiritual universe,
of Grace become visible.


The person with a forgiving heart allows a perceived
something—no matter its minor to major degree—to
become its rightful nothing. Such an opened heart has
risen to the impersonal level of forgiveness that realizes
the Self of the other is the Self of me. It creates a vacuum,
a cleansed emptiness where something entirely new comes
in—the true Love that originated from the beginning.

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