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    “We may go to a teacher or to a book for guidance and help along the way, but we cannot go to a teacher or to a book for God. For that, we have to go to our own Soul, to the innermost depths of our own being. No man, woman, or book can reveal God to us. All any one of them can do is to show us the path along which we may travel until we get back into the kingdom of our own being, the kingdom of our own Soul, and there find God.

    “It is like the disciple who went to his master and asked, ‘Please, Master, show me God. Let me know God. Let me stand in God’s presence.’

    “Over and over he made this appeal to his master, but the wise master did nothing about it except smile and say, ‘Yes, in time, in time, in time.’

    “Then one day the master felt that the time had come, so he said to his disciple, ‘I am going to take you to our secret and sacred temple. There are three rooms in this temple, but I can take you into the first one only. After that you will have to proceed by yourself. If you find the way, ultimately you will find God. If not, it will have to be another time.’

    “The disciple found himself alone in a room that was empty except for a golden statue of the Jehovah God, but after he became accustomed to the feel of this room, he sensed that something was wrong. ‘No, this is not it. There is too heavy an atmosphere here. I shall have to go further.’

    “So he found his way into the next room, and after entering this second room, he began to breathe more freely. But as before, when he familiarized himself with the surroundings, he saw that he was once more in an empty room except for a crystal statue of the Jehovah God. He felt the lightness of the crystal; he felt the lightness of the atmosphere of the room, and said to himself, ‘This is more like it.’ But after a while he realized that this, too, was not It.

    “With that, he began to search for the entrance to the third room, and when he discovered it, he found himself in an empty room, a completely empty room. There was nobody there but himself.”

Joel S. Goldsmith, an excerpt from “The World Is New,” pages 87-88.


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Book excerpt from “The World Is New” © by Joel S. Goldsmith, first published in 1962. Photo gratefully used from Wikimedia Commons. All 2009-2019 rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

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